Top 10 Payment Processors

Payment Processors

Selling items online requires a payment processor you can trust. It’s not enough to have a website and shopping cart. You also need a way to process credit cards and other electronic forms of payment. The top 10 payment processors have something to offer you and your company. Learn some of the differences that could help you select one company over another to start selling digital goods now.

1. Authorize.Net: With this option, you can connect with a payment application for credit card processing networks. The site provides a more affordable way to gain the security and infrastructure you need for your business than expensive land-based options.

2. First Data: You have a single point of integration with First Data as well as the ability to set up coupons for your online business. With fraud rising, FirstData helps you understand what you can do as a business owner to alleviate the issues within your payment system.

3. Braintree: Braintree provides online and mobile businesses with the tools to accept payments. It is developer friendly; merchants can accept payments the moment they sign up for an account.

4. WorldPay: Any payment processor can accept credit cards, but what makes WorldPay different is the range of services that make your payment processing more secure, fast and affordable. WorldPay has PIN secured debit networks, top fraud protection and is a direct source to multiple countries for global sales.

5. CyberSource: The motto for this company is to protect, optimize and grow. CyberSource provides simple payment management for e-commerce and multichannel needs. With its payment services, you can boost sales around the world, while providing a safe environment for your online shoppers.

6. BluePay: This payment processor is designed for small businesses, restaurants, gas stations, banks, enterprises, retail stores, hotels and e-commerce. With low rates and no third-party gateways, you have a hassle-free system.

7. Intuit Merchant Service Center: You can try Intuit Merchant Services without any commitment. You can cancel anytime you feel the service does not meet your needs. Intuit can be used for any mobile device or tablet with a simple credit card reader installed on your device.

8. iTransact: This service has been around since 1994 and has helped thousands of businesses obtain electronic payments, including checks. It is a gateway with security and flexibility in mind.

9. USA ePay: Operating since 1998, USA ePay has provided an online method for taking payments. This verified processor through Visa and MasterCard makes certain your customers feel secure and are secure. Its system can be used with third-party software or as an integrated method, making it easy to accept online payments.

10. PSiGate: Payment Services Interactive Gateway is verified by Visa, secured by the MasterCard SecureCode and offers 24/7 fraud checks to ensure your small or large business is safe. It offers MobilePay options as well as virtual terminals for your payment processing needs.

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