Top 10 Media to Sell Online

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Media usually refers to text, video, images, animation, audio, interactivity or a combination of any of these. A huge demand exists for online media such as blogs, news, video blogs, images and eBooks. You can start a business selling any of these items.

  1. 1. Video—Selling videos often occurs through affiliate sites. Selling mainstream titles helps ensure a large payday. If you are a film director who is trying to get a start in filmmaking, create your own videos to sell and market.

  2. 2. Audio—Books, music and other audio formats sell well. You decide what type of audio files you want to sell and market. It helps to follow the trends to see what audio files are most popular, such as books versus videos.

  3. 3. Images—Professional photographs, graphics and art are “images” that sell. Select a range of mediums for images to sell to ensure you reach several clients.

  4. 4. Music—Like videos, you can produce your own content or sell under an affiliate site. If you are talented in music, whether you’re in a band or not, you can sell music online.

  5. 5. eBooks—Plenty of sites sell bestsellers. You can sell your original eBooks or be an affiliate. With eBooks, you have a range of categories from which to choose. The key is to have something no one else has done, or do it better than others.

  6. 6. Video Games—Because video games are software, they are considered a form of media. Video games tend to sell well, especially if you have a community game like WOW that could become the next big thing.

  7. 7. Software—Security, games, taxes, templates and financial planning are types of software you sell online.

  8. 8. Design—Graphic design, architecture and fashion programs can be sold under the media category.

  9. 9. Clipart—Clipart could be placed under images as media items to sell, but most people don’t consider clipart to be media. Clipart can sell well online as long as you have interesting and creative ideas that are better than the free items found online.

  10. 10. Tutorials—Tutorials on performing a certain task, such as operating a software program, are in demand online. Most people search online for tutorials, which can be in any format such as text or video.

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