Top 10 Genres for Ebook Sales Online

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If you have a flair for the written word and the dedication required to pen a high-quality ebook, you can start making money from ebook sales online. In order to become a self-publishing success story, however, you’ll need to learn more about the most popular genres and tailor them to your specific writing style. Playing to your personal strengths while understanding what readers want is an important attribute for any author, as is working with a proven content delivery and payment processing service like Before you start writing your smash debut, take a moment to find out which genres tend to spawn strong sellers.

  • 1.) Mysteries – From cozy mysteries to hard-boiled detective novels, there’s a huge market for a great whodunit. Writers with an affection for solving crimes and taking their readers on an unforgettable ride can profit from their storytelling skills by releasing mystery novels in ebook form.
  • 2.) Romances – Not only do romance novels top the bestseller charts for mainstream publishers; they’re also a big seller for self-published novelists. A love of all things steamy can help you earn a profit through ebook sales online.
  • 3.) Thrillers – Are you an adrenaline junkie who prefers to write about imaginary adventures? Penning thriller novels may be just the profitable venture for which you have been searching.
  • 4.) Children’s Books – These days, even very small children know how to operate a tablet device or smartphone, which means literature for little ones is almost as popular as grown-up titles. Partner with a digital artist to create a tome children will love, or supply your own illustrations to retain control over the full creative process.
  • 5.) Instructional Guides – Perhaps you’re a master in the kitchen, or have expansive knowledge of home improvement and construction. Whatever your area of expertise may be, there’s someone out there who needs to learn your skills and will pay for it in instructional ebook form.
  • 6.) Non-Fiction – Not all ebook lovers are in the market for genre fiction. Many prefer to read non-fiction accounts, historical explorations or memoirs. You don’t have to be a fiction writer to make money from ebook sales online. Non-fiction is a heavy hitter, too.
  • 7.) Financial Planning – When an ebook can help someone balance their finances and take back their life, a small download fee is a good investment. If you have proven financial planning knowledge and are looking for ways to profit from sharing it with others, writing and self-publishing an ebook may be the right path for you.
  • 8.) Crafts – The online crafting community is full of supportive veterans, but it’s also populated by novices and beginners who are always in search of more information. Whether you’re a scrapbooker, a knitter or any kind of crafter in between, you can make a profit by turning your tips and tricks into an ebook.
  • 9.) Fitness Books – Health gurus, nutritionists and fitness trainers don’t have to be physically active in order to earn money. You can make money during your downtime by writing and self-publishing books on fitness, diet and general health.
  • 10.) Spirituality – Many people spend their lives in search of answers to the big questions, which means your spiritual insight may be valuable to others. Creating an ebook which shares your philosophies can be your road to profit, while also acting as a reader’s road to enlightenment.


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