Top 10 eBay Alternatives

eBay Alternatives

When it comes to online marketplaces, few sites have the power and popularity of eBay. Many merchants who are just starting their online sales journey turn to the auction site to list their own goods, not realizing there are more cost-effective alternatives that could be better suited to their needs. Here are 10 eBay alternatives you might want to consider before setting up your online store to sell digital goods:

1. iOfferIf you’re amenable to the idea of haggling a bit, iOffer may be just what you’re looking for. Customers are encouraged to submit their own offers for goods on iOffer, leaving merchants to either accept or counter with a price more to their liking. There is a staggering array of goods from around the world in the iOffer marketplace. That can make it difficult for your goods to be found.
2. STOREENVY – Set up in a fashion similar to eBay, STOREENVY operates on a set-price platform instead of auctions or offers. There are currently more than 25,000 stores hosted by STOREENVY. That makes it a popular alternative to eBay.
3. PayLoadz – Purveyors of digital goods generally benefit from a dedicated e-commerce platform more than an auction site. supports content delivery and affiliate marketing programs and manages a seamless payment processing system that allows merchants to manage their stores quickly and easily.
4. eCRATER – Building a Web store and stocking your goods in a digital marketplace are easy with eCRATER, which supports an impressive number of categories and is a member of the Google Product Search Marketplace Partners.
5. Amazon – Through Amazon’s Marketplace and CreateSpace, creators of digital content and sellers of tangible goods can offer products for one set price, eschewing the auction and bid format of eBay.
6. Clickbank – As an e-commerce solution for the sales and promotion of digital goods, Clickbank is a good alternative to eBay because eBay’s system isn’t intended to support digital goods; it focuses more on tangibles like fashion and hard-to-find collectible items.
7. Craigslist – Generating sales through the online classified ads giant Craigslist requires dedication and patience; you need to post ads in multiple cities to promote digital goods. It can, however, connect you to buyers around the world easily.
8. uBid – If you’re committed to the auction method but simply prefer not to work with eBay, uBid is an alternative with many available products and plenty of traffic.
9. eBid – A Google Shopping Marketplace partner, eBid is another alternative to eBay that supports payment processing through several platforms and boasts zero listing fees.
10. Shopify – Shopify helps merchants build and maintain their own virtual storefronts and manages the process in a personalized way. Digital and tangible goods can be sold and promoted with your own Shopify site.

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