Top 10 E-commerce Platforms


When starting a business online, it is essential for you to have all the tools for e-commerce ready. Your e-commerce platform should be easy to use. You should not spend all day managing the platform to make money. This list of top e-commerce platforms should help you choose from the available options.

  1. 1. PayLoadz: PayLoadz is one of the best e-commerce platforms for digital goods. You can start a free account and start selling digital downloads within minutes. PayLoadz works with more than 90 countries and accepts more than 20 currencies. It also offers affiliate networks, automated delivery service and secure file storage. There is no fee for using PayLoadz until you start making a certain amount of revenue by selling digital products.

  2. 2. EBay: EBay is more than an auction site; it also sells items instantly without going through the auction process. You can sell digital and physical goods through eBay.

  3. 3. Amazon: Amazon has evolved to be an e-commerce location for businesses. If you sell digital downloads, you can do so on Amazon, all the while selling from a regular website. It is designed as a storefront that links to your payment accounts.

  4. 4. Etsy: This e-commerce platform sells handmade goods, vintage items and artwork. The pricing is based on listing fee plus commission on sales.

  5. 5. Shopify: Shopify is a full service e-commerce platform. It offers e-commerce software, an online store builder and resources to conduct your business. The pricing is based on the number of items listed, storage space and transaction fee to be paid by the sellers.

  6. 6. Magento Go: This is a hosted version of the popular open source e-commerce software, Magento. It is meant for those who don’t have the technical skills to set up the open source version of Magento. The pricing is based on several factors, like number of products, support options, storage space and data transfer.

  7. 7. E-junkie: Operating a business online with digital downloads takes a shopping cart, storage for your product, and an automated delivery system, which E-junkie offers for a small monthly fee.

  8. 8. Highwire: Highwire helps sellers create online stores easily to sell products on its stores as well as on Facebook, eBay, Bonanza and more. Pricing is based on features offered and sales volume.

  9. 9. Bigcommerce: This e-commerce platform lets you create online stores and promote and sell products on your website as well as through other channels. The pricing is based on the number of products, staff logins and storage space.

  10. 10. Volusion: Another player in the web-based e-commerce platforms market, Volusion says it is an all-in-one solution for setting up an online store. Volusion charges a fixed monthly fee based on the number of products and data transfer.


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