Top 10 Digital Products to Sell with PayPal

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Digital products have transformed the way consumers buy and sell online. The Internet has changed the way people offer digital goods and services, such as self-published eBooks purchased from the author’s own website using PayPal. Downloads can be unique fonts or blogger templates. Creative people such as artists, Web designers, writers and musicians can now expand their reach to larger audiences in the global marketplace. The only limit is their imagination.

By using a simple payment exchange tool like PayPal, downloads can be a successful form of passive income. Passive income is a way for you to make money quickly and easily. The work is accomplished upfront, before you deliver your PayPal digital products. When you’re finished, create a website to market your work. PayPal digital niche products can be created and then a content delivery service, like, will do the rest by allowing buyers to purchase your creative work.

Every person has a gift. Discover what that may be and find the market for it online.

1. EBooks—The opportunity to become an author has never been better. If it has been your dream to write a book, do it. If you have expertise in a specific area, share your knowledge with others, and write a book on the topic. It can help grow your business to position yourself as an expert.

2. Online tutorials—If you have the skills and knowledge, put them to work by generating passive income. Create informational online tutorials that integrate video clips, photographs and text to provide readers with step-by-step instructions.

3. Digital photography—Why spend money developing expensive prints when you can sell your best digital images online? This saves you time and money by not filling orders that need to be shipped.

4. Music—If you are musically gifted, develop cellphone ringtones, or showcase and sell your original music online. With a few simple clicks, and by using the universal purchasing power of PayPal, downloads are easily accomplished on your mobile device, iPod or tablet.

5. Recipes—Your tried-and-true family recipes may be a hidden source of passive income.

6. Apps—Online consumers have a monstrous appetite for mobile apps. Apps have changed the way people use cellphones. If you can envision an app that will make life easier, you could be on your way to gaining financial freedom.

7. Artwork—Many websites and publications need clip art and other graphics. The key is to research what digital products are out there, learn what people want and to find your niche.

8. Websites—No matter what business you’re in, you need a website to sell your products or services. Not everyone has the skills or the desire to create and maintain a website or business blog. This opens many entrepreneurial opportunities for someone with website design skills.

9. Writing—If a business needs a website, it also needs content. Online freelance writing can be a way to make some extra cash. The more clicks your articles receive on certain writing websites, the more income generated for you.

10. Database creation—Websites not only need information, they often need databases. In this information-driven age, you can never have enough content. Webmasters often need databases but don’t have the time to develop them.

Digital products can be easy to sell if you find the right product that online buyers need or want. Find the right website or service for customers to purchase your digital downloads. Open a PayPal account, and your startup online business will be ready for sales.

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