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When you think of digital products to sell, you might think of eBooks, music, photos, videos and software. But other digital products, such as patterns, clip art, tutorials, documents and recipes, also sell just as well. By definition, digital products are items that can be downloaded over the Internet. You don’t need to spend a large amount of money on digital products as you would for physical products. Music is a good example. For a disc with 12 songs, you can pay upwards of $10. Yet, you can go online and download a song you like for less than $1. You obtain it immediately, and you don’t need to worry about the disc becoming scratched.

  1. 1. Ebooks The most popular digital products are probably eBooks. They come in a variety of genres. The eBook’s format has given new authors a great opportunity to self-publish their work, work that might never be published from a traditional publishing house. Bestsellers also sell well as eBooks and generate additional revenue through this alternate medium.

  2. 2. Music Music files, such as MP3s, are about as popular as eBooks. While online radio is nice, music lovers have favorite songs they often listen to repeatedly. And having a legitimate avenue for customers to purchase music from eliminates piracy issues. If the music is good, the artist can probably get more sales online than selling offline, especially if the song goes viral.

  3. 3. Images Before being able to sell photos online, photographers and artists had a limited ability to reach the masses. Being able to sell pictures and photos online has given experts a bigger audience, which leads to more sales.

  4. 4. VideosVideos, like most popular Hollywood movies, are gaining in popularity daily. Accessing videos and movies online is simpler and quicker than going to the store. Online videos include movies, music videos, stock videos and video tutorials.

  5. 5. SoftwareSoftware downloaded from the Internet is often less expensive and quicker to do than buying a physical disc. Selling software online is also better for software publishers because they don’t need to invest their money and resources in distribution and logistics.

  6. 6. Designs & PatternsPatterns for images, clothing and other goods are popular when sold in a niche market. Designs and patterns are sought by people engaged in different types of businesses, such as fashion, architecture, interior design and web design.

  7. 7. Clip ArtClip Art is not always sold. There are free clip art sites; however, for those who want the rights to specific images or a high-quality image, people typically need to pay for it.

  8. 8. TutorialsTutorials for a number of products, devices and information-based concepts can be sold online, though this isn’t as popular as the eBook format. People often access the Internet to find solutions to their problems, and if the problem is critical, they don’t mind paying for a well-written tutorial.

  9. 9. Documents Documents such as wills, tenancy agreements, nondisclosure agreements and business plan templates are sold online to help businesses and individuals. They help people who don’t have access to legal or other specialized documents and people who don’t want to pay a lot of money for lawyers and experts.

  10. 10. Recipes Recipes can be available online for free. They are also sold as digital goods. People can download an entire recipe book instead of just one recipe. This gives them many new recipes from a favorite cook. People who want to impress their friends and family will likely pay for good recipes.

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