Top 10 Digital Products Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Network

You can make additional income when you become an affiliate for a company and promote and sell digital products.  Starting a digital products website requires accessing products to sell. Some people create eBooks, software, images, music or movies to sell as the owner.  Others gain a partnership in which they become a distributor for products.  One way to be a distributor is to become part of an affiliate network.  Affiliate networks provide digital products from partnerships they have with various producers.  An affiliate selects the products to promote and makes commission on sales.

1. PayLoadz: PayLoadz is a marketplace for digital products. The affiliate network at PayLoadz is a vibrant community of content producers who have digital products to sell and affiliates who promote them. Almost anyone can become an affiliate and promote products to make money.

2. Amazon: Amazon is one of the biggest retailers on the Internet.  Amazon’s affiliate network is not specifically meant for digital products; it promotes other products, too.  The digital products section of the affiliate network is big, however, and provides a variety of products.

3. ITunes: The iTunes Store is the place to sell and buy digital products that can be used on Apple devices.  ITune’s affiliate network offers a large selection of digital goods, including music, apps and eBooks.

4. E-junkie: E-junkie is a digital goods marketplace and offers an affiliate network for several types of digital products.

5. Tradebit: Tradebit is an affiliate network that offers a variety of digital products for affiliates to promote.

6. RegNow: Primarily an e-commerce service for software vendors, RegNow also has an affiliate network.  You can become an affiliate and start promoting a large selection of software products to make money.

7. Plimus: A newer player in the digital products market, Plimus focuses on selling software, games and SaaS products.

8. OneNetworkDirect: This site promotes software products from large software vendors such as Microsoft and McAfee.  As an affiliate, you have access to marketing material and tools to promote products.

9. ClickBank: ClickBank is one of the earliest digital goods marketplaces. It offers an affiliate network.  The affiliates have a large choice of digital products to promote.

10. PayDotCom: This affiliate network offers digital and physical products to promote.

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