Top 10 Digital Items to Sell with PayPal

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PayPal, one of the most trusted and popular methods for processing payments online, has become the preferred processing option for digital goods merchants who sell their products online. PayPal allows buyers to remit payments without disclosing sensitive personal financial information and to take advantage of buyer protection programs. It’s also a favorite among people who regularly purchase digital products. These items are among the most popular digital products sold online with the help of PayPal’s payment processing services:

  1. 1. EBooks – The meteoric rise in the popularity of e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook has caused a spike in eBook sales. These devices also allow sideloading—installing third-party applications—of downloaded content. Authors of novels, instructional tomes, nonfiction books and poetry collections can self-publish their works without using a major publishing house or paying the exorbitant costs associated with producing physical, bound copies.
  2. 2. Music – The days of purchasing physical copies of music in compact disc form are steadily reaching their end. More and more consumers opt to purchase digital copies of their favorite songs for loading onto an MP3 player. This transition is ideally suited to the limited means of many independent, do-it-yourself bands and musical acts.
  3. 3. Photographs – Stock photography, artistic and manipulated shots are popular online. This allows photographers who work within the digital realm to reap the benefits of generating an income by selling their work with the aid of PayPal.
  4. 4. Graphics – Custom graphic design work and clip art are helpful in Web layouts, branding and creating a memorable image that can boost brand recognition. Freelance graphic designers who offer their services online often use PayPal to collect their fees. This makes graphics another popular digital product.
  5. 5. Digital Art – Powerful digital art software is no longer as expensive as it once was. This allows a wider selection of talented artists to create and sell their masterworks online, using PayPal to process payments.
  6. 6. Documents – Templates for legal documents, checklists and calendars are popular digital products. Legal fees for simple documents can be high, and the frenetic pace of modern life requires constant monitoring of schedules and events.
  7. 7. Videos – Producing a short film, instructional video or a vlog (a blog that contains video) is more accessible to even the casual filmmaker. Higher-quality digital cameras are quickly becoming ubiquitous.
  8. 8. Software – Talented software designers can tap into specialized corners of markets on an independent level by selling their programs on PayPal. They aren’t beholden to the whims of major corporations that produce products that appeal to the widest possible audience. Specialized software can be a lucrative online venture.
  9. 9. Audio Books – Bookworms on the go can take books by their favorite independent authors with them. Cheap or even free audio editing software allows authors to create and sell their own audiobooks with PayPal.
  10. 10. Craft Patterns – Even the most creative crafters need a pattern from time to time, which is the reason knitting, woodworking, sewing and other crafting patterns are among the most popular digital products sold online.


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