Top 10 Digital Downloads to Sell

digital downloads

Thanks to the power of the Internet and the ingenuity of online merchants, there’s an online economy that’s booming. Instead of relying on traditional shipping methods for physical goods, more and more retailers are specializing solely in digital downloads. Here is a list of the top 10 most popular downloads selling on the Web today:

  1. 1. EBooks – With the advent of popular e-reader devices such as the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble nook, eBooks are a hot commodity. Both fiction and nonfiction authors eschew traditional publishing methods to release their works themselves.
  2. 2. Document Templates – Legal documents can be complicated for the layman, so a demand for legal document templates that are available for purchase online exists. From complex forms to simple contracts, it’s easy to find a template for any document you’re searching for on the Internet.
  3. 3. Digital Music – From independent musicians to those supported by globally influential major labels, many bands and singers focus their promotional efforts on Internet marketing and online sales instead of compact discs.
  4. 4. Knitting Patterns – Knitting has become quite the hip hobby. The ability to sell knitting patterns quickly and easily online has created an entire Internet market. This makes knitting patterns one of the most popular digital products out there.
  5. 5. Videos – Both instructional and entertainment options are hot items in the video market. With digital technology, anyone can become a videographer.
  6. 6. Photo Images – Stock images and artistic photographic images are used for a variety of purposes and are easily found online. There’s a demand for images.
  7. 7. Software – The days of purchasing boxes filled with discs and informational booklets are ending. Developers are focusing their efforts on Internet releases and electronic owner’s manual documentation. This development gives smaller, independent creators a chance to succeed alongside their more recognizable name-brand brethren.
  8. 8. Graphics – Graphic design is a booming industry. There’s a large subset of artists working solely online. Freelance designers can make a respectable living by making their services available to clients from around the world, while working from the comfort of their own homes or independent offices.
  9. 9. Audio Books – It can be difficult to find time to read. Audio book downloads are popular because they allow bookworms to listen to the latest bestseller or self-published hit with an MP3 player on their daily commute.
  10. 10. Craft Patterns – Arts and crafts aren’t reserved to the efforts of kids at daycare or summer camp; sophisticated creators make patterns for do-it-yourself products and make them available for digital download. These merchants can generate significant revenue streams with their work.


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