Top 10 Digital Delivery Options

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Finding the unique aspects of digital delivery platforms can help you determine which, out of the hundreds, might be the right option for you. Below is a list of 10 digital delivery platforms compiled after careful research. You can find information about what the companies offer and can compare them.

  1. 1. PayLoadz – With PayLoadz, you get an automated digital delivery platform that delivers files securely to people who make purchases. Besides the delivery platform, you get a payment processing system and an affiliate network to help you promote and sell digital products.

  2. 2. E-junkie – E-junkie was one of the first sites to offer automated delivery options for digital products. The differences between PayLoadz and E-junkie are in the fee structures.

  3. 3. Digital Delivery App – This newer player in the digital delivery platforms space focuses on its integration with affiliate networks like ClickBank and email marketing services such as MailChimp and AWeber.

  4. 4. DPD – The DPD service focuses on integration with third-party email marketing services and affiliate networks. The pricing structure, based on the number of products and storage space, is similar to Digital Delivery App.

  5. 5. Digital Content Center – Like many delivery platforms, Digital Content Center has plenty to offer including verified download, auto responder email notifications, auto license key creation and updated tangible goods options.

  6. 6. FetchApp – As a digital delivery application, this works with other shopping carts such as BigCommerce and Shopify as well as payment processing services. FetchApp is hosted software for automated delivery where you choose the shopping cart and payment systems.

  7. 7. BitBuffet – This digital delivery platform and hosting service is for digital products. The service doesn’t work as a shopping cart; it simply allows you to sell products using PayPal.

  8. 8. Pulley – Simplicity is what Pulley provides; you easily add your files to the site, sell them, deliver them and keep track of your statistics. Four packages are available for a monthly fee.

  9. 9. Quixly – This digital delivery platform is designed for file sharing but also allows people to sell files by connecting a PayPal or Google Wallet account. It provides an application programming interface to integrate the delivery service with any e-commerce solution.

  10. 10. Gumroad – With a focus on simplicity, this service is meant for people who might have something to sell but find e-commerce solutions to be cumbersome and time consuming.

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