Top 10 Digital Craft Products

Craft-related products have always been big sellers. There’s something satisfying about being able to create something yourself. Now that the digital age has arrived, crafting has followed right along. If you would like to sell digital products to crafters, there’s a lucrative market available. Here are the 10 most popular digital craft products being sold:

Top 10 Digital Craft Products

1. Instructional EBooks – Thanks to the ease of self-publishing, instructional ebooks on everything from woodworking to paper crafts to jewelry making and more are one of the most popular and best selling digital craft products being sold today.

2. Instructional Videos – Because some people learn best by watching active demonstrations, instructional videos are popular and effective. They teach people new skills and how to put them to use. These popular digital products cover a variety of techniques and crafting skills.

3. Scrapbook Templates – Preserving memories in a creatively formatted scrapbook layout is a popular crafting pastime, which leads to a demand for digital templates. These products are often designed to work within a variety of programs, including those from major brands, the Open Source community and smaller, independent designers.

4. Photography – Stock photography is a booming business, used for website layouts, blog entries and more. Images available for commercial license or private use are major sellers in the digital world and particularly to those who use photos in their craft projects.

5. Graphic Images – Digital illustration and graphic design images, like brand logos, usually sell well. From custom freelance commission work to images released for purchase by the public, there’s a demand for digital graphics. Crafters use them in scrapbooking, card making and all kinds of printed crafts.

6. Audio Books – Keeping up on your reading while you’re driving to work, running errands or actively engaged in an activity that requires both hands is a snap with audio books. Listening to your favorite craft guru on your iPod is just the ticket for new inspiration.

7. Knitting Patterns – Knitting has surged in popularity, placing those who create knitting patterns in a position of making a tidy profit. Turning knitting patterns into digital craft products is a great way to capitalize on this surge of popularity.

8. Quilt Patterns – Buying and selling quilt patterns online allow the best and brightest of the quilting community to come together, creating beautiful and functional works of art. The Internet allows quilters to draw inspiration from a variety of regional resources, leading to beautiful and desirable patterns in digital form that can later be purchased by others.

9. Photo Editing Software – Digital cameras are convenient and powerful tools that allow users to snap pictures on the go and upload them directly to a computer. Photo editing software turns that computer into a virtual darkroom, letting a budding photographer crop, correct and modify images.

10. Scrapbook Software – The digital scrapbooking format lets crafters test-drive their layouts without using supplies on their trial efforts. The practice, as a result, is popular among the earth-conscious crafters in small spaces.

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