Top 10 Best Ways to Distribute Software

how to distribute software

Software distribution is a key activity in the software business; it brings in revenue for developers. There are several forms of software distribution – free, trial, shareware and paid. Of the hundreds of software distribution sites and services, here are the 10 most popular ones:

  1. 1.  PayLoadz – If you distribute paid software, PayLoadz can help. It provides highly secured storage, automated delivery and several software registration options.

  2. 2.  Share-it – This service helps you expand your software distribution reach with localization and multiple language support. Tools if offers help you sell your software around the globe.

  3. 3. Amazon –  The largest book retailer in the world also provides a platform for software distribution. Though used by large companies, Amazon can also be useful for smaller software companies to sell and distribute software.

  4. 4.  RegNow –  RegNow is one of the largest affiliate networks for software distribution. It can help get your product out to the world.

  5. 5.  ClickBank – : An affiliate network for digital products, ClickBank helps software developers distribute their products through independent affiliates working for a commission on sale.

  6. 6. –  CNET powered is one of the most popular software distribution sites. You can sell software or offer freeware programs here.

  7. 7.  Simtel –  Simtel is a place to distribute trial software and freeware. On this site, you distribute software in many categories, including multimedia, business, communications, desktop, education, games and development.

  8. 8.  Avangate –  Focused more on medium to large software businesses, Avangate provides a fully integrated e-commerce suite for software distribution and sales.

  9. 9.  Plimus –  Much like Avangate, Plimus provides several e-commerce solutions for selling and distributing software. It also offers an affiliate network.

  10.  10.  E-junkie –  E-junkie started as a place for the owner to sell his software. It then became a platform for software distribution for others as well.


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