Top 10 Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate marketing programs foster a symbiotic relationship between promotional bloggers and the proprietors of online businesses. Marketers, with creativity and dedication, can generate significant revenue streams for product creators or brands and, in turn, for themselves. The following 10 affiliate networks are among the best of the Web; they help bring together businesspeople and marketing gurus

1. Commission Junction – One of the most popular affiliate networks in the world, Commission Junction is set up in a category system that allows marketers to find the exact brands they’re interested in promoting, connecting the creators of those products with people who can offset some of the promotional-effort burden that marketing a new product requires.

2. Skimlinks – When social-networking newcomer and surprise heavy-hitter Pinterest began monetizing the site, Skimlinks was the program it used. Monetizing existing content without leaving any telltale traces is simple and effective under the Skimlinks system, making it a smart choice for merchants who seek to boost revenue.

3. ClickBank – Marketers in search of a product to promote often turn to ClickBank, which is one of the largest and most well-known affiliate networks for digital content creators. The sheer volume of options can make it difficult to find a high-quality product you’re willing to promote, but a small amount of research is worth the possible income.

4. Amazon – Amazon, one of the most recognizable brands on the Internet, allows marketers to promote products they’re confident about. Monetizing your blog or website through Amazon is quick and simple.

5. ShareASale – Bloggers who specialize in marketing, webmaster tools, themes, SEO content and business often turn to ShareASale when they’re ready to monetize their blog as part of an affiliate program. SEO and design tools are plentiful at ShareASale, making it easy to find things you can confidently endorse.

6. Google – The Google brand is easily one of the most trusted on the Internet, with the support of powerful brand-recognition behind it. While bloggers in business and SEO niches may have some difficulty finding products to promote, there are plenty of other available options. It’s also integrated with the Google AdSense program, which makes it easy for bloggers attempting to monetize through AdSense reach their goals quickly.

7. Affiliate Window – Beauty bloggers are especially fond of Affiliate Window, a U.K.-based network dealing in cosmetics, fragrances, shoes and chocolates. The commission rates are high, while the program is supported by some of the U.K.’s premier brands. This combination of strong payouts and interesting products make it one of the more popular options available to aspiring affiliate marketers.

8. LinkConnector – The LinkConnector model is built around a Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-Lead and Pay-Per-Sale system and considers the page rank of an affiliate’s site. Established and launched in 2004, merchants and affiliates often generate significant income with the assistance of LinkConnector.

9. CPA Empire – The “CPA” in CPA Empire stands for “cost per action,” which makes it a program for marketers who can manage heavy email promotions and marketing schemes.

10. Nitro Marketing – Tech products are the name of the game at Nitro Marketing. This site is for bloggers with a tech or education niche. The high commission rate is a plus, along with the impressive product collection.

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