Tools You Need to Sell Music: PayPal and Beyond

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The days of vying desperately for the attention of a record label are rapidly ending. Instead, today’s musicians are able to start reaching large audiences and building their fanbase without waiting for a recording contract. Where bands and solo acts once invested more than they made to get the attention of a talent scout, now they’re earning a profit and financing their own studio time. While the global audience reach provided by the Internet does make it easier than ever to start making a splash without a record deal, there are some tools you’ll need if you want to sell music. PayPal, the service many newcomers believe to be the only one they really need, is actually just a substantial piece of the overall puzzle.

How to Sell Music Online: Gathering the Tools and Services You Need

PayPal is the world’s largest payment processing services, and one of the most trusted ways to share money online. While payment processing is a significant part of selling music, though, it’s not the only thing you’ll need to be successful.

The modern online buyer is accustomed to a few things when they make online purchases. First, they expect to be able to process their payments through a service they trust, like PayPal. Second, they expect immediate access to the files they’ve purchased upon completing a transaction. In order to meet these expectations, you’ll need to find a way of combining trusted payment processing tools with automated content delivery. As a merchant, you’ll also need secure file hosting and access to some tools which help to increase your marketing reach.

Sell Music Seamlessly

It’s possible to build such a system with several different service providers, but it’s far easier and more efficient to streamline your operations by working with a single dedicated, comprehensive ecommerce platform to meet all your needs at once. Services like are ideally suited to the task, as they provide file hosting and automated content delivery with integrated payment processing support through services like PayPal and Google Wallet. A great ecommerce platform will also include access to an affiliate network, which can be a significant addition to your marketing arsenal.

Instead of spreading yourself thin to manage several different services, consider the benefits of a streamlined approach through a single, high-quality ecommerce platform.


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