Tools of the E-Book Download Trade

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Are you ready to get your name out there as an author, to launch your career and start building your brand? What if there were a way you could do just that, while staying in control of your career and keeping more of your earnings? When you self-publish your work as an e-book download, you have the opportunity to make a name for yourself. Before you settle on a sales system, however, it’s important to have at least a basic understanding of all your options. While publishing directly to a proprietary marketplace connected to popular eReader devices can be a quick and easy way to get started, there are some drawbacks you should consider.

Why and How You Should Sell Your E-Book Download Yourself

Striking out on your own can be a daunting proposition, but it doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. When you have the right tools and services in your corner, totally independent e-book download sales can be easier and more rewarding than you ever imagined. The trick is to know what you need as a merchant, and how to apply those needs to your own situation so you can operate efficiently.

Some needs are universal among download merchants. First, you must be able to collect payments from your customers in a manner they trust and with which they feel comfortable. Systems like PayPal and Google Wallet are used by millions around the world, and are ideally suited to the task. You’ll also need secure file hosting to keep your work protected, and content delivery automation to eliminate the chance of missed order fulfillment. Because you can’t sell e-book download products to customers who don’t know you exist, you’ll also need a marketing system in place. While it’s certainly possible to secure all of these services separately, managing so many moving parts is cumbersome and increases the margin of error. This is where a dedicated eCommerce platform makes all the difference. Services like are designed specifically for independent merchants.

E-Book Download Sales

Working with an eCommerce platform which seamlessly integrates popular payment processing systems with secure file hosting and automated download delivery is a game changer, but a great service provider does even more. Working with a high-quality system allows you to skip the expensive custom website in favor of free blog sites or inexpensive template sites you build yourself. You’ll also have access to zero-risk marketing through built-in affiliate networks, which connect you with marketers who work on a commission-like basis. You share a portion of the proceeds from only those sales driven by an affiliate with that affiliate, never paying up front for marketing you can’t guarantee. Start your e-book download business down today, and find out just how independent sales success feels.

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