Tips From a Successful Virtual Assistant


The opportunities for making a living online while working from home are almost endless. Women and men looking for a more flexible work schedule that better allows them time with their children are one of the largest groups who seek virtual careers. Rebecca Flansburg is a mom who has successfully made the transition from full-time career outside the home to full-time work-at-home-mom.

The niche Flansburg carved for herself is in the growing field of virtual assistants. Virtual assistants help, or assist, clients with tasks that can be completed remotely. The types of work virtual assistants do for clients depend on their skills and the type of services they choose to offer.

Virtual Assistant Services

Flansburg, for instance, provides copywriting services, such as writing blog articles and newsletters for businesses. She is also a self-professed social media junky and assists many of her clients with setting up and managing their social media marketing on blogging platforms Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Monetizing Your Blog

As busy as Flansburg is with her projects for clients, she still manages to keep her own blog,, updated and bringing in additional residual income. When you visit her blog, you’ll see that she has a strong grasp on the value of affiliate marketing. “Never overlook what seems to be small payouts from affiliate marketing,” Flansburg says. “It all adds up.”

Flansburg monetizes her blog in other ways as well. She offers paid advertising space on her blog and promotes special packages related to her virtual assistant services. With more than 37,000 hits on her blog during February of 2013, she has the kind of Internet traffic that pays off for advertisers and affiliates.

Here are some of Flansburg’s tips for being successful with your online business venture:

– Do what you love, and you’ll love what you do.

– Diversify as much as possible. Be willing to try new things.

– Commit to ongoing training to enhance your business skills.

– Network with other freelancers. You’ll learn from each other.

– Organize your time. Create priority times for work and family.

– Understand that building a business, even online, takes time and a lot of hard work.

– ALWAYS meet or exceed your clients’ expectations, no matter what the project. They are your greatest source for growth. There is no better marketing tool than a happy client.

What are your skills? Can you create remarkable spreadsheets in Excel? Do you love to talk on the phone? Are you a detailed person who can proofread documents or publications and spot errors? Maybe accounting is your strength or creating graphic art. People use all these skills and more to make money in today’s virtual business world on the Internet.

Selling digital goods, such as document or spreadsheet templates, eBooks, craft patterns, audio files and videos, is just one of the ways that online businesses are making money. Many of them are using the services of to sell those items. Others, like Flansburg, are PayLoadz Affiliates and earn residual income that way. The opportunities are endless. Just ask the FranticMommy!

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