Tips for Selling Pictures Independently

selling pictures online

Are you ready to move beyond the microstock sites, selling pictures on your own terms? How many times have you tried to submit a favorite photo, only to have it turned down due to there being too many others sharing similar subject matter? When your work is selected or rejected based not on its quality, but by the number of other images like it in a catalog, it can be incredibly frustrating. For many new and established photographers alike, striking out on their own is both tempting and daunting. Microstock sites manage so much of the daily tedium; if you have limited experience running an online business, those are the things with the potential to be terrifying.

Payment processing, file security and order fulfillment don’t have to be intimidating, though. In fact, there are systems available which can make it easier than you ever imagined to start and run an online business.

Selling Pictures with the Right Tools and Services

As with any other task, you just need the right tools for the job in order to set yourself up for success when it comes to selling pictures. For digital merchants of all types, a strong eCommerce platform is one of the most valuable tools available. Systems like help you to consolidate all your daily operations into a streamlined, hands-off system. Payments are processed through providers you and your customers trust, including PayPal. Your files are hosted securely, then immediately sent to buyers when they complete a transaction. This means from the time a customer finds your store until they’ve made a successful purchase and received their files, you’re able to breathe easy without monitoring sales alerts or manually fulfilling orders.

Very high-quality systems will even include access to valuable marketing assistance through built-in affiliate networks. Low-cost, zero-risk marketing helps you reach customers who would otherwise be unaware of your work. With everything from payment processing to advertising handled for you, you’re free to invest your time into what you do best: taking and editing photos.

Minimizing Startup Costs

One of the biggest barrier to entry for many independent photographers is the perceived cost of starting a digital storefront. While it’s true that a custom website and complex maintenance systems can be pricey, they’re also not necessary.

Simple HTML code you can easily cut and paste into a low-cost template site you build yourself or even a free blog site turns almost anything into a sales portal, no investment in a web designer required. You’re free to develop  your own artistic vision, making all the calls about which images make it to market. You’re also able to keep all of your earnings, rather than settling for a small portion of your proceeds after a microstock site takes their cut. Strike out on your own today, and free yourself from the microstock clearinghouse sites.

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