Tips for Selling Ebooks to Share Your Knowledge

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It’s no secret that the advent of high-speed Internet connections paired with the overwhelming popularity of ereader devices has spurred a revolution when it comes to how books are published, sold and purchases. Many of today’s book lovers reach for electronic versions of a book in which they have an interest, and self-published authors are circumventing the traditional publishing industry altogether by selling ebooks they’ve released online. While fiction ebooks are a popular item, they’re not the only choice for prospective self-published authors.

Turn Your Knowledge into Money by Selling Ebooks

If you have a specialized area of knowledge, you have the potential to make money by selling ebooks. Writing an instructional guide can be an ideal choice for first-time authors, who are able to draw from their existing area of knowledge to create a profitable product. With valuable knowledge and the ability to provide detailed instructions, you can sell ebooks to earn a profit.

Though a beginning ebook author with an interesting area of expertise does already have all the tools they need to translate that knowledge into a book with strong sales potential, there are still a number of important details which are often overlooked by new authors. Learning how to make money by selling ebooks online doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge, but you will need to be prepared to spend a bit of time researching best practices, from formatting and editing to distribution and sales.

What You Need to Sell Ebooks

You already have an area of expertise from which you can draw to create material, but you may not understand the best methods of formatting, or the finer points of content creation for ebooks.

The vast majority of instructional and how-to ebooks will require visual representations. This may be comprised of photographs you’ve taken as you complete a step in the process, diagrams or even charts and graphs. An effective instructional ebook demonstrates each step in addition to offering written directions, especially for readers who tend to absorb information best when they have a visual reference. During the writing process, take note of where these graphic elements should be included, and be sure to add them during the editing process.

It’s also important to make sure all of the content included is fresh and valuable. Readers are looking for information from paid sources they aren’t able to locate for free through a simple web search, so an important part of selling ebooks is to provide new content, not reworded versions of information which is already easily found online. Word of mouth and customer recommendations will affect your future sales, so make sure you’re offering a product worth buying when you start selling ebooks.

Building an Online Store

Some authors will choose to build their own websites, integrate complicated shopping cart software and process transactions manually. This requires not only an extensive amount of web design knowledge, but also a dedication to monitoring and sales support. For both beginners and veterans in the world of online sales, the best option, almost invariably, is working with a comprehensive ecommerce solution.

Ecommerce platforms like combine payment processing, automated product delivery and content hosting, eliminating the need for a sales-capable website. With simple HTML linking codes, you can turn your social media profiles, personal blogs and even your email signature into a source of lead generation. With a high-quality product and the support of a trusted ecommerce solution, you can start making money by selling ebooks and sharing your expertise with the world.


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