Tips for Creating Your Ebook: Sell Your Novel Independently

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The greatest challenge faced by authors for generations isn’t the grueling work of finishing a novel, but the tedium, stress and rejection of getting their work published. For decades, authors who struggled to navigate the world of publishing to no avail were left with very few options outside of giving up or incurring the massive expense and risk of financing their own printings. With the creation of ereader devices and their meteoric rise in popularity, however, things are beginning to change at a rapid pace. These days, it’s entirely possible to create and format an ebook, sell a novel online and circumvent the publishing houses altogether.

How to Sell Ebooks As a Self-Published Author

When you choose to start selling ebooks yourself, you’re able to retain an unprecedented level of artistic control over your work. You don’t have to bend to the whims of editors and publishers, shop for an agent or surrender the bulk of sales proceeds to a publishing house. With all this freedom, however, comes much added responsibility. Selling ebooks as a self-published author requires you to take on the work of editing, formatting and creating a finished product, then marketing and promoting it to generate sales.

After polishing your manuscript to create a final product, it’s time to turn those pages into a product which is compatible with most ereader devices and smartphone apps dedicated to reading. Because each of the most popular devices will have a proprietary file format, it’s always a wise idea to offer your ebook in several formats to cater to the largest possible audience.

Most major ereader retailers also maintain an ebook store, and some provide you with the tools you’ll need to list your product in their store for ease of access. Still, it’s also a good idea in many cases to diversify your sales options and to create your own web-based storefront. To quickly and easily set up an effective system which allows you to use your social media profiles, email signatures and blog as a sales portal, working with a system like is almost always the best choice.

Create an Ebook, Sell Your Product and Collect a Profit

To make money from your new self-publishing venture, you’ll need a reliable way of securely processing transactions. Ecommerce platforms like PayLoadz simplify payment and transaction processing dramatically, while also offering access to automated content delivery and affiliate marketing networks. With a strong, streamlined system in place, you can find more time to work on your next ebook, sell your first with ease, and actively build a career as an established author.


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