Things You Should Consider When You Sell Apps

How To Sell Software Online

Selling apps is undeniably big business for talented developers. These days, everyone is dependent on their smartphones, and the apps which give the devices functionality. While many developers will struggle with the strict regulation and lack of control which comes along with release in the major app stores, this isn’t the only option available to you. In fact, you can retain more control over your products, pricing and promotional efforts while retaining more of the profits by operating independently. Selling apps by releasing outside of the major marketplaces doesn’t have to be a challenge, either. All you need is a bit of drive, the willingness to promote your product and the right tools and services on your side.

Why You Should Consider Releasing Outside the App Stores

When you release your app in a major marketplace, you do have the built-in potential for exposure to a large number of prospective buyers. The problem is that you’ll also have to fight with every other similarly-named product for search results rankings, and any apps created by corporate interests will inevitably be sorted at the top of the pile. People are most likely to purchase the first result returned that meets their needs, so they may not ever even see your product if they make a purchasing decision near the top of the list.

When you release independently, you will have to market a bit differently to pull in your target audience. What you won’t have to do, though, is compete with a thousand other apps similar to yours when those customer reach your web store. You’ll also be able to offer promotional pricing, giveaways and a higher level of customer service than the third-party system of major app stores allows.

Selling Apps Independently: What You Need

You’ll need to be able to build a functioning web store in order to sell apps independently. The quickest, most efficient and most cost-effective way of doing so while retaining all the functionality of an app store release is to work with a dedicated ecommerce platform, like These systems allow you to get your app into a dedicated marketplace without sacrificing any control, and to build your very own virtual storefront to entice your target customer base. There’s no need to sacrifice all of your creative control over a product you’ve created; just release independently and build your own empire selling apps for smartphones and tablets. In no time at all, you’ll be earning money while building your brand, and on your way to establishing an app-based empire!


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