The Rise of the Ebook Download

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While ebooks have existed in some form since the earliest days of the Internet, the ebook download has become one of the hottest and most potentially profitable products of the decade. Though there are a variety of factors which contribute to the explosion in ebook sales, the advent of dedicated ereader devices and smartphone apps specifically designed for reading are among the most influential.

Getting Started in the Ebook Download Business

Self-publishing, which was once a high-risk business venture which required a substantial start-up investment, is now more accessible to authors without major publishing deals. If you have a finished manuscript, you’re no longer forced to spend months or even years courting a publisher or working to secure an agent. With the right tools and an understanding of the ebook download marketplace, you can start making money and building a fan base through ebook sales.

While self-publishing does grant you more freedom and far more control over your product, it also leaves you solely responsible for handling distribution, sales management and marketing. It is possible to work with a variety of tools and services to outsource some of these vital tasks, but most authors new to the world of self-publishing will find it more efficient and more productive to build their ebook download business with the help of a single comprehensive platform like, which streamlines daily operations and increases efficiency across the board.

Rising Ebook Sales Numbers and the Self-Published Author

A single ereader device can hold thousands of ebooks, which allows bookworms of all ages and taste preferences to carry a small library in their hands. While most of these devices are tied to a single proprietary marketplace, side-loading new material is easy, even for readers who may not be entirely tech-savvy. For the self-published author, it means that placement in these proprietary marketplaces doesn’t have to be considered a necessity.

The highest profit margins for authors who place their work in marketplaces like the Kindle Store are typically accessible only to those who accept an exclusivity agreement. Though authors who choose this distribution method are able to take advantage of priority placement in the marketplace and greater profit shares, they’re also agreeing to ultimately limit their audience to only the owners of these dedicated devices. You will not be able to reach readers who own differently branded devices, so your audience is limited from the day of release.

Building your own web store with the help of a reputable and powerful ecommerce platform allows you to potentially reach millions of people around the world. By offering your ebooks in a wide variety of file formats, you’re able to provide a versatile product which can be enjoyed by owners of almost any ereader device. Before limiting your audience and your earning potential by accepting an exclusivity agreement, consider the benefits that come with a greater reach and wider audience potential. With a bit of research and dedication to marketing and promotion, you can sell ebooks without the support of a publishing company.


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