The Power of PayPal: Software Sales 101

Selling With Google Checkout

You’re ready to stop giving your software away, but how do you launch your online business? There are a number of misconceptions, along with a wealth of different options, which can all make it difficult to know what’s best for your new venture. Should you manually process payments, or use PayPal? Software sales website, or dedicated eCommerce platform? Figuring out how and where to invest can be daunting, to say the least. Before you spend money, take some time to carefully examine the tools and services at your disposal. You may just find that, thanks to trusted systems and efficient tools like PayPal, software sales can be easier and less expensive to break into than you thought possible.

Tools to Partner with PayPal: Software Sales and Efficiency

Your time is valuable, especially when you’re running an online business. You need to be able to not only promote your brand, but also spend time developing and perfecting new products. Systems which allow you to save time while boosting customer service are essential. PayPal, software delivery systems and no-risk marketing can all make life easier while also making success more attainable. The key is to find comprehensive systems which fully integrate under a single virtual umbrella. Managing one account under one integrated system streamlines your business dramatically.

Working with a dedicated eCommerce platform, like, makes it simple to consolidate operations. Trusted and reliable payment processing systems like Google Wallet and PayPal, software hosting and automated file delivery, marketplace listings and marketing tools bring everything you need together with ease. You’ll also be able to get started on a shoestring budget, because you don’t need an expensive and complex website built by a professional web designer. Whether you choose a free blog site or a DIY template site, or even a social media profile, it’s simple to embed your personal web store into any sales portal. Marketing is accessible even with no budget, because high-end services will include affiliate network access.

PayPal, Software Marketing and Store Management

You may create the best software in your niche, but you won’t be able to make a sale if no one knows about your brand. Running your store efficiently is important, but it’s equally vital to have a marketing plan in place. Prepaid marketing through banner ads and sponsored social media posts is expensive, and not guaranteed to work.

Taking advantage of affiliate networks built into your eCommerce platform allows you to take full advantage of PayPal, software sales and delivery tools. You’ll be connected with an affiliate who only gets paid when they generate a sale, so there’s no upfront investment and no need for a marketing fund. With minimal overhead and a low initial investment in infrastructure, you can launch a business with long-term potential for success.

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