The Movie Digital Downloads Industry Earnings

The Movie Digital Downloads Industry Earnings

Examining the movie downloads industry

Entrepreneurs are always looking for a way to make money. If you want a home-based business where no products need to be physically stored, consider the movie downloads industry and why you might be interested in it. The movie industry in 2011 made $30 billion just from box office revenue. This revenue is from around the world; the United States made a third of that amount. The total business revenue was $87 billion. The industry made $57 billion on Pay-Per-View, satellite, cable, video rentals, DVD sales, digital downloads and subscriptions.

Piracy and Stolen Profits

There’s a fine line between profit and loss in the movie downloads and the movie industry. The movie industry has been losing some money to piracy, mostly before the industry started allowing affiliate sellers like you to provide movie digital downloads via a secure platform to prevent piracy. Now that most people can legally download movies or stream them via services like Netflix, there’s less need to pirate DVDs and movies. Yet, the movie industry contends it’s losing a lot of profit to piracy. But is it piracy or lack of top box office hits? You might have noticed a current trend toward remakes in the movie box office in the last five years. Some of the remakes are from 1950s movies, so the practice might be a little more difficult to detect.

Why Be Concerned About Piracy when Selling Movie Digital Downloads?

You should know about piracy if you will be involved in the movie industry. Is the information provided accurate? Regarding piracy being rampant, probably not. The movie industry is still making billions from movie sales, including digital downloads, and you can be an affiliate to make a good profit from movie digital downloads. Plenty of titles are out there to sell, including originals and remakes. Many movie aficionados would love to have the original and new version at a discount and in a package deal.

Getting Started with Digital Downloads Business

Starting your own digital downloads business requires you to find an affiliate platform, like PayLoadz, where you have access to thousands of movie digital downloads. Once you have the rights to sell the files, you can set up your website, shopping cart and any allowable discounts or coupons. Some digital rights laws might affect how you price items for sale, so check on the specifics.

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