The Key to Selling Digital Downloads

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Are you ready to make the leap into online sales? Whether you’re a writer exploring the possibility of self-publishing, a musician seeking a global audience or anything in between, digital downloads give you the opportunity to start a business with minimal startup funding and overhead costs. You don’t need an expensive website built by a highly paid professional; all you need are the right tools for the job. Before you overinvest in your new business venture, take some time to explore your options. The key to success in online sales just might be easier, more efficient and more cost-effective than you ever imagined.

Tools for Successfully Selling Digital Downloads

When it comes to online sales, you really only need a few things. First, you must be able to process payments safely, in a manner which protects both you and your customers. Second, your products must be hosted securely. Third, you must provide your customers with instant access to the digital downloads they’ve purchased. Finally, there must be a system in place for marketing and promotion. You can’t sell to people who don’t know your brand exists.

While it’s possible to secure each of these systems separately, it’s an inefficient and time-consuming process. The best choice, by far, is to streamline and consolidate operations. This is where a dedicated eCommerce platform can change the game completely. Services like are designed with contnet creators like you in mind, and set up to provide both you and your customers with everything necessary to ensure an enjoyable experience. From seamless PayPal and Google Wallet integration for quick and safe payment processing to rock-solid file hosting and download delivery automation, a strong eCommerce platform has you covered. The better systems will even include access to invaluable marketing tools, like affiliate networks. Combined, these systems and capabilities truly are the key to digital downloads sales success.

Affiliate Marketing for Digital Downloads

You can’t become the next big thing in online sales if your own social network is the full extent of your marketing reach. You need to be able to attract buyers from every corner of the globe, and affiliate networks help you to expand your reach exponentially.

When you work with an affiliate system, you’re connected with people who will actively work to promote your brand. In exchange for a small portion of the proceeds from only the sales they generate, your affiliates will help boost the signal and grow your business. Essentially working on commission, they allow you to secure marketing you pay for only when it works. No need to invest in prepaid marketing which never comes with any guarantees, or sponsored social media posts which might go mostly ignored. No risk, no pricy ads and no lost funding.

Choose an eCommerce platform today, and find out how you can turn your passion for creation into a digital downloads empire.

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