The Key to Selling Books: Publish in Digital Format

How To Sell Books

After dedicating your time and energy to perfecting your manuscript, you’re ready to find an audience for your work. Writing a book, whether it’s an imaginative work of fiction or painstakingly researched non-fiction tome, requires a level of dedication few people possess. You should profit from the investment of your blood, sweat and tears, but how do you get started? Before the rise in digital publishing, the only option for most authors was to accept a deal offered by a publisher. This meant surrendering the bulk of their earnings in exchange for royalty payments, along with no small measure of creative control over the material. Today, there’s another option. One which allows you to keep more of your earnings, retain complete control over your material and publishing rights while selling directly to your audience. What’s the key to success in this new world of selling books? Publish them yourself in digital format.

Digitally Selling Books: Publish an eBook

The rise in popularity of eReader devices and smartphone apps dedicated to reading means the world of self-publishing is no longer a fringe industry. Before digital publishing methods and devices made eBook sales so easy for merchants and buyers, self-publishing was an expensive gamble. As an author in the digital age, you have nothing to lose from taking matters into your own hands to sell books. Publish your eBook and sell it online, and you don’t have to fund the printing costs associated with creating physical copies. In fact, you can start your online publishing empire with almost no overhead expense at all, and you don’t have to settle for earning pennies from each sale.

Because a single eBook can be sold an infinite number of times, you don’t have to worry about replenishing a physical stock. You don’t even have to shell out money for a professionally-built website with all the eCommerce bells and whistles. There’s a more efficient and less expensive option at your disposal; one which makes it easy to sell your books. Publish yourself with the help of a reliable eCommerce service, and most of the work is done for you.

Using an eCommerce Platform to Sell Your Books

One of the most common misconceptions regarding the sell of eBooks is that you need an expensive, complicated website to manage your sales. This is absolutely not true. You can use a free blog site, your social media pages and even your email signature as sales portals when you choose an eCommerce platform for sales management. Systems like make it a snap to sell your books, publish your work and earn a profit. High-quality services automate payment processing and content delivery, so you don’t have to do anything to facilitate a sale. No processing credit card payments, no monitoring sales alerts to manually share download links. You can even take advantage of valuable included marketing tools to get the word out about your books. Publish your work yourself, and stay in the driver’s seat of your authorial career.

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