The Ins and Outs of Software Marketing

Software Marketing

What’s the single greatest barrier to success for new online merchants? It’s not infrastructure or sales management; it’s getting the word out about new products. If you’re planning to launch a business built around selling your software, marketing plans you make today will have far-reaching implications for your future success. There are a number of factors you must consider before launch, so make sure you’re ready to build your customer base the smart way.

How Your Software Marketing Budget Affects Your Business

Whether you have a small fortune to invest or you’re starting out on a shoestring budget, how you allocate and spend your software marketing budget is of vital importance. The more you invest, the more you’ll have to sell in order to reach profitability. Prepaid advertising campaigns, like purchasing banner ads and sponsored social media posts, can drive traffic to your web store. They can also be a gamble, because you’ll pay for those ads long before they ever reach your intended audience. They may or may not make a purchase, because there are no guarantees of effectiveness for prepaid advertising.

Software marketing built around affiliate network access, however, can be a game changer. You’re connected with marketers who are motivated to promote your brand, because they only get paid if they generate a sale for you. A tiny portion of each sale an affiliate generates is redirected back to them. You only pay for marketing efforts when they actually work, and your affiliates get paid every time they help your business expand. Everyone wins! But, how do you get started? For digital merchants looking for effectiveness and efficiency, the answer lies within choosing a comprehensive sales system which offers the total package. Working with an eCommerce platform like, which offers affiliate networking access as part of a streamlined sales approach, means you’re positioned for success from the very beginning.

Understanding the Role of eCommerce Platforms in Software Marketing

You already know that you need reliable payment processing, secure file hosting and automated download delivery to provide your customers with the service they expect in the digital age. What you may not know is just how easy it can be to build an all-inclusive system. High-end services can be integrated into a free blog site, a template website or even a social media profile to create low-cost sales portals. These services will often include affiliate network access as part of their service package, allowing you to keep everything under one virtual roof. Your sales increase, your affiliates help to raise your profile and your brand becomes recognizable. Your business is off to a strong start, all from using a single dedicated eCommerce problem-solving solution. Get started today, and find out why affiliate networks may be the best software marketing option out there for new merchants.

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