The Best System to Sell Your Books

How to Sell Books

How can you sell your books without first navigating the treacherous landscape of query letters, literary agents and publishing houses? More importantly, how can you keep more of the profits from each sale without sharing royalties? You don’t have to give up the rights to your own work, or creative control over the world you’ve created in order to sell your books successfully. In fact, with the right business plan and systems in place, you have the opportunity to earn more money and enjoy greater freedom as a self-published author than you would through more traditional publishing methods. With a bit of work and a willingness to self-promote, you can achieve you dreams of literary fame and fortune easier than you ever though possible.

Why You Should Carefully Choose How You Sell Your Books

For many new authors, the path to success seems clear: you land an agent, get a publishing deal and enjoy the rewards. While this may seem like the only avenue to success, it’s actually one of the more difficult options. With the rise in eReader and smartphone app popularity, eBooks have become the wave of the future. These days, more authors are enjoying success without the stress of securing a publishing deal through the avenue of online sales. While this can be one of the more lucrative and efficient options, it’s still important to carefully examine any system offering to help sell your books. Some of the major marketplaces with built-in customer bases can offer a substantial amount of exposure, for instance, but often require exclusive sales agreements and pricing control. This means you’ll still be sharing royalties, and you’ll also be effectively limiting your audience to only the owners of a specific device or phone app. Reading the fine print and looking for options with the most freedom is important. For many authors, this means starting a web store where they sell their own books, either in addition to non-exclusive market placement or as a stand-alone choice.

Starting Your Own Store to Sell Your Books

You don’t need a physical location to start your own store. All you really need is a dedicated eCommerce platform to cover the most vital tools and services. Systems like are designed to help you make the most of your own corner of the online market by offering secure file hosting, automated content delivery and safe, simple payment processing. This means you’re able to offer your customers all the benefits of purchasing through a proprietary eBook marketplace without sacrificing control over pricing and availability. High-quality eCommerce platforms will even include access to valuable promotional tools, like affiliate networks, which help to expand your marketing reach.

Don’t wait for a publisher or agent to make your dreams come true. Sell your books yourself, and take charge of your own destiny.

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