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Shopping Cart Solution

Reviewing PayLoadz shopping cart

PayLoadz is one of many companies that offers a shopping cart solution for your e-commerce business. It provides a digital goods service where you can store your digital files, use automated delivery and use the shopping cart software. With one simple process, you can have a free account, download your files and be ready to sell your products. With the number of savvy consumers shopping online today, you need to have a simple, trustworthy process for your e-commerce business. This review of PayLoadz shows you what the company offers and explains why PayLoadz is constantly in the top search engine rankings for digital goods.

Marketing a Shopping Cart Solution to the Fullest

PayLoadz knows how to market its digital goods services, including its shopping cart solution. Google is all about proper SEO tactics, and PayLoadz can accommodate that. You might even learn something from a PayLoadz marketing campaign, which you could use to make your storefront more successful. PayLoadz provides a storefront for you, although you can use your own website, eBay, and other website options. If you sign up for a paid account with PayLoadz, you have access to marketing tools and resources that could gain you a better audience following.

Shopping Cart Inclusions

A shopping cart solution needs to have customization options to be effective. You might want a basic cart that totals the digital goods customers want to buy, adds the taxes and allows the download link to appear once the “submit payment” button is selected. PayLoadz has a basic shopping cart like this, but the PayLoadz cart also allows you to make modifications. For example, you might want to offer an occasional discount or coupon. The shopping cart needs to have a way to accept discounts and coupon codes, and PayLoadz provides this.

Payment Choices with a Shopping Cart

Not all consumers want to pay the same way. For some, a credit card is the easiest method. For others, a debit card or a PayPal transfer works best. It’s in your best interest to have a shopping cart solution that allows different payment methods. A cart that can accept e-checks, debit cards, credit cards, ACH transfers, PayPal transfers and Google Checkout is your best solution. You can always elect to add more payment methods later if you first wish to accept only PayPal and credit cards. This is the beauty of having the right shopping cart solution. When you combine the cart with other needs for your digital goods business, like file storage and automated delivery, it makes sense to go with a company that offers both a cart and these options.

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