The Basics of E-Book Download Sales

Sell Books Online

You’ve decided to strike out on your own, to sell your e-book download yourself. Do you know which tools and services you’ll need in order to become successful? With a staggering number of options, choosing the right system can be confusing, to say the least. When you have a basic understanding of download sales, however, you’re better positioned to make decisions which can benefit your business. Before you take the popular and often misunderstood path of managed sales through proprietary eReader device marketplaces, explore less invasive options. You may be surprised to find out how easy and inexpensive it can be to start your very own web store.

What You Need to Sell E-Book Download Products

In order to build a viable e-book download business, there are a few things to which both you and your customers must have access. Your buyers want to pay for their purchases through systems they know and trust, like PayPal and Google Wallet. No one wants to hand over their credit card information directly to a stranger, and few merchants want the responsibility of safely managing sensitive financial information. Because your products are valuable, you’ll need secure file hosting systems to keep them safe. Order fulfillment must be automated, for the sake of everyone involved. Today’s online buyer is not accustomed to waiting for access to their purchases, and it’s simply not feasible for you to monitor sales alerts around the clock in order to manually deliver download links. You’ll also need a central sales hub, but this doesn’t have to be an expensive website custom-built for your business by a highly-paid professional. Choosing a high-quality eCommerce platform allows you to combine all of these needs under a single service umbrella, slashing overhead and startup costs. Work with a provider like, and it’s easy to streamline your operation.

How to Market Your E-Book Download

You can’t sell your e-book download, no matter how compelling the content, if no one knows it’s for sale. You need a way to reach your target audience while boosting your brand signal. Traditional advertising and sponsored social media posts require up-front investment, and don’t always generate results. You’ll pay just as much for an ad people ignore as you do for one which yields results. For new authors with limited funding, this situation is often untenable.

Better eCommerce platforms offer a solution to e-book download merchants in the form of affiliate networks. Rather than essentially gambling with your marketing budget, you’re able to pay affiliates only when their efforts end in a sale. You only pay for marketing when it works, and your affiliates have a built-in incentive to sell your e-book download to new readers. Combined with the power of seamlessly integrated payment processing, secure file hosting and automated download delivery, a strong affiliate network can help you make your dreams of independent success a reality.

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