Tap Into the Genre Fiction Market and Sell Ebooks

Where To Sell Books

As sales of e-reader devices and smartphones continue to climb, a new market is emerging for aspiring authors. Many writers are learning just how lucrative self-publishing in the online marketplace can be, and they’re choosing to sell ebooks instead of shopping their manuscripts to traditional publishers. Ebook sales are quickly gaining ground in the marketplace, catching up with the figures for physical books rapidly. One section of this market is growing even more quickly than others, however: genre fiction.

What is Genre Fiction?

The genre fiction section of the online market is one of the most popular, with readers flocking to lower-priced, high-quality offerings by a variety of successful authors. These readers are snapping up genre fiction titles at a staggering pace, but in order to tap into this market and sell ebooks, you’ll need to first understand what genre fiction is and why it’s so popular.

Genre fiction is also referred to as “popular fiction” in publishing and book-selling circles. It’s defined by it’s plot-driven nature and adherence to the formulas of a specific genre. Mysteries and detective stories, romance novels, fantasy epics, horror tomes, science-fiction books and crime novels are all categorized as genre fiction, and these offering high-quality novels which fit into these categories can be one of the best ways of making a profit through self-publishing.

How to Sell Ebooks

Before you even start writing your genre fiction opus, it’s important to first start formulating a marketing plan and sales approach. In order to sell ebooks online and make a profit, you’ll need to dedicate yourself to making sure new readers will be able to find and purchase your work. This could mean joining a few affiliate networks, bolstering your social media presence or even joining a writers’ association within your chosen genre.

After your novel is finished and you’re ready to put it out there for sale, you’ll need to have a plan already in place for how you’ll accept and process payments, as well as how you’ll handle content delivery. This is where e-commerce solutions like PayLoadz.com can come in handy. High-end content delivery services accept payments through trusted processors like PayPal and Google Wallet. They also guard your brand reputation by ensuring each and every one of your new customers gets a copy of the ebook they’ve paid for in record time. Instead of monitoring your sales alerts to manually send out files every time you sell ebooks, you can focus on writing the next book in a series or fleshing out the characters for your second outing. As your reputation for strong writing and great customer service grows, so will your ebook sales.


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