Taking the Risk Out of Software Marketing

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Are you hesitant to invest your marketing budget into prepaid ads and sponsored social media posts? You’re not alone. These methods do have the potential to be quite effective, but they’re not guaranteed. Whether your ads generate a single sale or a thousand, you’ll pay the same amount in advance to run them. When you’re just starting your business and your software marketing budget is small, this can be especially daunting. Thankfully, there are ways to secure zero-risk marketing, along with a host of other valuable seller’s tools. Streamlining your business, from payment processing and content delivery to file hosting and marketing, is as easy as choosing a strong eCommerce platform.

How Your eCommerce Platform Can Change Your Software Marketing Plan

If you’re just beginning to explore the world of selling software, marketing is only part of the picture. You can’t sell a product to an audience who doesn’t know you exist, but you also can’t function without a number of other tools and services. You need payment processing both you and your customers can trust, like PayPal and Google Wallet systems. Your software must be hosted securely, and automatically delivered to your customers immediately upon completing a transaction.

Since efficiency is an important part of any successful business venture, it’s wise to look for a method of securing each of these needs through a single service. That’s where a powerful and affordable eCommerce platform like PayLoadz.com comes in handy. You’re able to turn anything from a free blog site to a DIY template site or social media profile into a sales portal with simple, cut-and-paste HTML code. Your files are hosted securely, delivered to your buyers within seconds and each sale will be processed through a trusted, reliable payment processing system. Best of all, you’ll have access to built-in software marketing systems which won’t cost a fortune or require any risk whatsoever.

Software Marketing, Affiliate-Style

Built-in affiliate networks make it easy for you to outsource your software marketing through a high-quality eCommerce platform. You’re connected with marketers who essentially work on commission, promoting your products in exchange for a small commission on each sale they generate. This means you’re paying for marketing only when it works; no risk, no gambling and no wasteful spending on ineffective prepaid ads. Using this method also allows you to reap the benefits of promotion when you have a non-existent marketing budget, because you never pay up-front for affiliate sales.

Launch your new business today, taking advantage of the valuable tools and services offered by a strong eCommerce platform. Sale success is just around the corner.

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