Supplementing Clickbank: Affiliate Marketing for Stronger Sales

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Regardless of how high-quality your digital products may be, you will not reach your full sales potential without a dedicated marketing plan. Your potential customers can’t purchase products if they don’t know they’re available, so making sure you’re working to spread the word about them is vital. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways for new content providers to expand their reach, as networks like Clickbank can be very lucrative with a relatively small investment. While Clickbank can be a very effective way to generate interest and drive new sales, it’s also wise to supplement your efforts. When you diversify your affiliate networking systems to include more than just Clickbank, products sell more quickly and your business becomes more successful.

What is Clickbank?

To reach beyond Clickbank in order to supplement your marketing techniques, you must first have a basic understanding of affiliate marketing in general.

Where banner ads and other promotional tools may have spotty success, affiliate marketing can be steadily lucrative for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, unlike advertising through paid banner ads, you only pay for affiliate marketing when those efforts generate a sale. Instead of paying in advance for the potential to increase sales, you share a portion of the proceeds from a sale generated by an affiliate with them. This can make affiliate marketing more accessible to new merchants, especially those with limited start-up capital.

Another aspect of affiliate marketing which can make it a more effective choice for sellers of digital products is the way these efforts reach potential customers. Pop-ups and banner ads are largely ignored by web users and viewed as a nuisance, and some programs within web browsers may even block them altogether. Where these tactics often fail, affiliate marketing can be more successful because products are endorsed and promoted directly by the marketer, who often joins an affiliate network after amassing a substantial online following. This not only circumvents the potential for dismissal presented by online banner ads, but also implies a guarantee of quality which can increase buyer confidence and generate more sales.

Supplement Clickbank: Products Sell More Reliably

Clickbank is one of the most well-known names in affiliate marketing, but it’s not your only option. In fact, if you want to steadily increase sales while expanding your reach to its maximum potential, you’ll want to supplement Clickbank marketer efforts. This is where systems like can come in handy. In addition to handling all your payment processing, content delivery and hosting needs, a strong ecommerce platform which includes access to a built-in affiliate network provides the perfect opportunity to supplement Clickbank. You can work with a variety of affiliates, each of whom has their own dedicated following and a vested interest in promoting your products. With more marketers, you can generate more sales. Don’t rely upon Clickbank exclusively; diversify your affiliate marketing efforts, and watch your sales grow.


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