Stock Photography: One of the Hottest Ways to Sell Images

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Look at any blog post, news story or text-heavy web page; what do you notice? In almost all cases, one of the few elements all of these pages will have in common is the use of images to break up text and create visual interest. The vast majority of these pages use stock photography, because it’s a more affordable option than commissioning a photographer for custom photos to accompany each post. As the amount of content online and in print continues to grow with every passing day, the need for stock photography is certainly not diminishing. On the contrary, demand continues to grow. For photographers looking for new ways to sell images, stock photography is a favorite option.

Selling Images as Stock Photography: Maximizing Profits

Many photographers anxious to sell images as stock photographs will turn to clearinghouse sites, each of which comes with their own payment model. This can be a great way of earning a quick buck, but may not always be the most financially sound option in the long run. You can usually keep far more of the profits while retaining more control over your images by selling limited licensing rights independently, directly to the end user. All you have to do is set up your web store and start promoting your products to start turning a profit. Quick profitability, though, depends upon your ability to limit overhead costs.

One of the quickest ways to spend too much money on starting your new business venture is to pay for a professionally built, fully ecommerce-ready website. Not only will it cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to commission, but you’ll also be confronted with regular maintenance and time-consuming upkeep. For almost any new content merchant, including those who sell images, the most effective and efficient option is to work with an ecommerce platform service to manage payment processing, download delivery and file hosting. This allows you to integrate all of the high-power tools you need into a low-cost site you can build yourself. With cut-and-paste HTML linking, you can even turn your blog or social networking profiles into sales portals.

Choosing the Right Tools and Services for the Job

If you want to sell images successfully, you have to gather the right tools for the job. This means ensuring all of your basic needs, like payment processing, content hosting and download delivery are met before your store goes live. It also means looking for ways to optimize sales. Choosing a high-quality ecommerce platform like, which combines basic tools with valuable seller and marketing services, is the best way to meet your goals.

Start selling images online as stock photography. With a bit of attention to detail and a commitment to marketing, you can snap your way to a very profitable business.


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