Steady Income with Subscription Downloads

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Making your mark on the world of digital sales is the dream, but you also want to make money. Whether you’re trying to invest in the growth of your venture or working out a running budget, one of the biggest concerns is the sporadic nature of digital sales. Some months may see rapid growth, especially when there’s an external factor driving interest in your area of the market. Other months, sales may be much fewer and far between and this makes it quite difficult to generate a steady income. For many digital merchants, focusing on or at least including subscription downloads as part of an overall business plan can be the best solution.

Why Consider Subscription Downloads?

When you offer only one-time-purchase products, your bottom line is wholly dependent upon the number of sales you make each day. Moving to a subscription-based model, however, makes it easier to predict your minimum income from one month to the next. Many new merchants shy away from a subscription downloads model, largely due to the misconception that managing subscriptions is too difficult or time-consuming. If you’re handling the billing and the order fulfillment for each individual subscriber manually, this is absolutely the case once you’ve reached a certain number of members. Automating the process, though, eliminates all the headache and leaves only the perks of a subscription-based business model.

How eCommerce Platforms Simplify Subscription Downloads

Working with a comprehensive eCommerce service like makes integrating subscription downloads into your business plan a breeze, because they manage the tedium of handling subscriber accounts. Through seamless integration with names you already know and trust, like PayPal, a quality eCommerce platform can handle the recurring billing each month, the secure hosting of your content until it’s time for release, and then the delivery of materials to all of your subscribers at once. Because you’re not forced to manually process the payments of each subscriber each month or to send out the scheduled release to them one by one, you’re free to invest your time where it really matters: creating content. Best of all, you’ll have steadier income and more reliable revenue indicating when and where further investment could be of benefit.

Build your brand, reach more listeners and establish a dependable base income with subscription downloads. Getting started is easier, less expensive and far less labor-intensive than you think when you have the right partnerships on your side.


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