Starting Your Own Web Series: Selling Videos for Fame and Fortune

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From viral stunts to insightful how-to videos filled with valuable information, there’s no shortage of video files on the Internet. While some of this content is available free of charge through streaming sites, there’s also a thriving industry for video content creators who wish to sell their products online. Selling videos requires little more than a camera, creative content ideas and the right hosting system for your online business. With a bit of ingenuity, you can start your own web series and film your way to fame and fortune!

Find Your Niche to Sell Videos

While there is substantial demand for well-crafted and carefully edited videos, it’s important for content creators to remember that there is also a plethora of content available to viewers free of charge. In order to successfully sell videos, marketers and merchants must provide services which are of higher quality than those on free sites. You’ll also be more likely to reach success if you carefully cultivate a following by working within a niche. This allows for more precisely targeted marketing schemes, and tailoring content to the right demographic.

When settling upon a niche for selling videos online, it’s wise to play to your personal strengths. Those with specialized skill sets, for instance, may want to consider an instructional web series in which you pass on tips and tricks to the audience. Whether your series is high drama, sketch comedy or anywhere in between, you’re most likely to know your audience and expand your web presence by working within a medium with which you feel comfortable.

How to Sell Videos Online Successfully

Many new content creators are under the misconception that they must build a website from the ground up, then integrate complicated shopping cart software and obtain the ability to manually process credit cards in order to build an online business. If you’re interested in selling videos online, you don’t have to take such a long and arduous path to build a marketplace.

Ecommerce platform solutions like provide sellers with all the tools they need to create a thriving business, without the stress of building a web store from scratch. High quality ecommerce solutions combine payment processing through trusted services like PayPal and Google Wallet with automated content delivery which ensures your clients prompt access to the products they’ve purchased. Selling videos online with the help of a secure, reputable ecommerce platform allows you to focus your energy on creating the next installment in your web series, expanding your content library and your audience reach.


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