Starting to Sell Music: PayPal is Just the Beginning

ways to sell your digital music

Are you ready to get your musical career off to a strong start, but aren’t sure what you need to sell music? PayPal, one of the world’s most trusted and well-known payment processing services, is certainly one of the tools you’ll need to get started. Still, it’s not the only one. Too many musicians new to online sales are under some very serious misconceptions about PayPal, which can lead to some trouble as your business is just being established. Before you accidentally diminish your brand with poor decisions based on bad information, take the time to learn what you need and how each of these tools makes a difference when it comes to the success of your new business.

Tools and Services You Need to Sell Music Online

You know you need at least a handful of mastered and mixed songs ready to be sold to your eager fans in order to sell music online. Do you have a plan for how you’ll get those products into their virtual hands, how you’ll collect the money you’re owed for each sale, or how you’ll manage to keep the files secure? Some musicians and new bands will opt for an expensive website built by a professional, complete with all of the most advanced bells and whistles for their new venture. Not only do these tools require extensive daily maintenance just to stay running; they’re also a serious cash sink. Musicians who choose this route are forced to invest heavily, long before they ever make their first sale. Not only are they required to come up with a substantial start-up investment; they’re also placing themselves farther down the timeline to profitability. That means it will take them longer just to break even, let alone start earning a profit when they sell music. Fortunately, there are other options.

To decide on the best solution for your new business, it’s a good idea to consider what you really need in order to sell music. PayPal, which really is a reliable and secure payment processing option, is always a good choice. Not only is it reliable; it’s also the service  most likely to inspire trust in your customers. When payment processing is handled, you’ll need a place to host your files so they’re safe and secure. You’ll also need a method to ensure prompt file delivery to your listeners. After all, today’s customer is accustomed to instant access when they make digital purchases online. This means you’ll need to be able to meet those expectations with each and every sale.

Choose the Right Option for You, and Sell Music

In order to make a success of your band’s new business venture, you’ll need to choose the option that’s best suited to your needs. For most, this will be the most low-maintenance option available. Where expensive websites will require daily attention, choosing a dedicated ecommerce platform can turn your business into one which largely operates itself, on the technical end. Services like combine a variety of tools and services, making it easy to sell music. PayPal is integrated with secure file hosting for peak security, across the board. Your customers will gain access to their new files immediately, through automated download delivery and transaction processing. In turn, you’re free to focus more of your energy on what you do best: making new music.

Get your music out there, and reach listeners from around the world as you build your fan base. With a great ecommerce platform, the sky really is the limit.

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