Starting an eBook Download Business on a Budget

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What’s standing between you and your dream of self-publishing your novel? If it’s a lack of startup funding, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are ways to slash startup costs while boosting your chances for success as you start your eBook download venture. Working with a dedicated eCommerce platform is one of those methods, and doing so provides more than just low-cost services. In fact, a strong service partner can all but automate most aspects of your business, which leaves you more time to dedicate to the most important part of your career: writing.

What is an eCommerce Platform?

If you’re new to the worlds of online self-publishing and digital sales, you may not be entirely sure what an eCommerce platform is and what purpose it serves.

Essentially, a high-quality provider like will streamline your business from the ground up. You’re able to turn anything from a social media profile or free blog site to a website you’ve built yourself into an effective sales portal with simple cut-and-paste HTML code. Your eBook download files will be securely hosted, then automatically delivered to your customers the moment they complete their purchase transaction. Since great eCommerce platforms also seamlessly integrate the payment processing services your customers know and trust, like PayPal, you’re also free from worries about the risk of manually processing credit cards.

In addition to helping you build a business which basically runs itself from a transaction and delivery process, you’ll also have access to the tools you need to market and promote your brand with no risk, thanks to built-in affiliate networks.

How Affiliate Networks Help You Sell eBook Download Products

You can’t sell an eBook download to people who don’t know you exist, so you’ve got to get your name out there as a new author. Unfortunately, prepaid ads and sponsored social media posts are expensive. They’re also not guaranteed to generate revenue, so you have no way of knowing if you’ll even recoup your investment costs. When you’re on a budget, every penny counts. That’s why better eCommerce service providers offer built-in affiliate marketing networks as an added service.

Affiliate marketing connects you with partners who, for all intents and purposes, work on commission. They only get paid a small portion of the proceeds from sales they generate through a specialized link, which means you’re only paying for marketing when it works. No gambling with what little startup capital you have, and no stress about return on investments.

It’s easier than ever to establish a real career as an author without literary agents or publishing companies taking the lion’s share of your earnings. Get started today, and you could become the next self-published online success story.

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