Start Your Own Magazine with Subscription Downloads

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Do you dream of starting your very own magazine? If a lack of startup funding for such an expensive venture has kept you from pursuing this dream, you may be surprised to find out just how accessible publishing and marketing tools can be in today’s market. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a magazine printed and distributed. By releasing subscription downloads digitally, you’re able to maintain a strict release schedule while reaching readers around the world. Don’t give up on becoming Editor in Chief of your own periodical; take the time to learn how digital subscription releases have changed the game for independent magazine owners.

What are Subscription Downloads?

If you subscribe to print periodicals, you know that they’re shipped to you on a regular schedule. Subscription downloads are no different. You send out updates to your active subscribers, and they’re notified about the newest issue of your digital magazine.

The best and most efficient systems are built around the PayPal subscription model, which automatically charges your readers on a regular basis for their content. Because PayPal does not host or deliver content, however, your readers could be charged for the newest issue of your magazine before it’s shared. This can have a negative effect on your customer service and brand reputation, so it’s imperative to ensure new content is delivered in a timely manner. Don’t spend days at a time manually sending out digital files containing subscription downloads. Partner with the right service provider, and take the work of content delivery off your long to-do list. When you’re able to outsource the work of delivery, you have more time to spend on what truly matters: the painstaking and demanding process of creating, compiling and editing content for your final product.

Subscription Downloads and Content Delivery

As the owner, primary content provider and marketing professional, your time is incredibly valuable. Whether you release weekly, monthly or on a quarterly schedule, you need every moment to polish and perfect each issue of your digital magazine.

This is where services like are indispensable. Seamless PayPal integration allows you to get the most out of a subscriptions management system. Secure file hosting keeps your magazine issues safe, while automated content delivery allows you to send out your latest issue to each and every active subscriber on your list with a few clicks. You’ll even have access to valuable marketing tools, like affiliate network systems, which help you spread the word and build your reader base.

Remember, time really is money. Working with a high-quality, low-cost eCommerce platform helps you get your magazine started on a shoestring budget. No large investment funds necessary, so a lack of financing never has to stand between you and your long-term goals.

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