Start Your Own Magazine by Selling Digital Copies

Selling Digital Files

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own magazine, you know just how difficult it can be to get your publication into wide distribution. There is a solution for those who have aspirations of heading up a magazine but lack the start-up capital and reach necessary to ensure wide readership: the Internet. Just as the rise of digital media is beginning to threaten the traditional magazine market for some publishers, it’s also opening doors for writers and editors with an entrepreneurial spirit. Selling digital copies is the wave of the future, and with a bit of dedication, you can get in on the ground floor during this turning point within the magazine industry.

Why Established Periodicals Are Now Selling Digital Copies

Today, more and more magazines are moving to the sale of digital copies. While some major magazines offer both print and digital editions, some are actively moving towards exclusive digital availability. The overwhelming popularity of tablet and e-reader devices is changing the face of the magazine publishing industry, making this a unique moment for both major and independent publishers.

For all but the most popular magazines, cover prices are rising to mitigate financial losses attributed to decreasing sales. In an always-connected world, people have access to their favorite periodicals in formats which don’t create paper waste and clutter, have less of an environmental impact and are less expensive. Many traditional publishers are still scrambling to capitalize on this shift, but it creates a favorable environment for the establishment and distribution of a new magazine.

Selling Digital Copies of Your Own Publications

While the content and graphic layout is obviously left to the discretion of the editor and staff, there are some universal tips for selling digital copies of a new magazine. From formatting to delivery, these are the factors you’ll need to consider when you’re ready to start your own magazine.

  • File Format and Device Compatibility – While some customers will read digital copies of magazines on their computers, the majority of readers are using tablet devices and e-readers for the sake of convenience. For independent publishers, this means you’ll need to offer your magazine in a variety of formats in order to ensure compatibility with the most popular devices.
  • Content Delivery – Because digital copies of magazines are not offered on supermarket shelves or sent through the mail, you’ll need to find a reliable way of ensuring your readers’ access to the digital copies they’ve purchased.
  • Payment Processing – There are many ways to pay and be paid for digital goods and services online, but some are more popular and trusted by users than others. Popular platforms like PayPal and Google Wallet keep your readers’ financial information secure while offering a measure of buyer protection, so consider these trusted sources to boost confidence and readership.

All-in-one e-commerce solutions like make it easy for independent publishers to streamline their payment processing, content delivery and affiliate marketing needs by consolidating these services. If you’re ready to get the ball rolling on your newest business venture by selling digital copies of your own magazine, consider a time-saving and efficient solution which allows you to focus on marketing your new publication and securing fresh content for each issue.

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