Start Selling Music Online: Sell Ringtones

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It’s no secret that making money and gaining recognition can be a challenge in the music world. What many musicians don’t realize, however, is that there is a way to make money by selling music online, even if they’re not moving digital copies of a full album. Choosing to sell ringtones puts your music directly into the phones of your customers, helps you build a fan base and can even serve as a starting point for a full album

Why Sell Ringtones?

There are many reasons why a musician should consider expanding their services to sell ringtones. For those who haven’t yet recorded a full album or made singles available, ringtones can be an inexpensive way of getting short snippets out among new fans. Those who do have albums and singles available can let their fans help to promote the music when they choose to sell ringtones. Every time a customer’s phone rings, all the people in their immediate area will hear your song. This can help to boost sales for projects with music available to purchase, and build buzz for those who are just establishing themselves in the market.

What Do I Need to Sell Ringtones?

First, you’ll need ringtones. Ideally, you’ll open your web store with a wide variety of short clips, which provides your clients with plenty of products from which to choose. Unless you have specific licensing and resale rights from the creator of this content, you’ll have to create your own material in order to sell ringtones. Selling clips of other artists’ songs without permission is both illegal and unethical, and it also won’t help you gain any exposure on your own. You need to provide original, high-quality content your customers can’t get from anyone else in order to create a strong demand for your digital goods.

After you’ve created a catalog of content, you’re ready to set up your web store and sell ringtones. Take the time to explore your options so you can choose the right avenue of sales for your business. For the vast majority of merchants, an consolidated e-commerce platform like offers everything necessary to start a booming business. These services combine payment processing, valuable seller tools and instant download delivery to your customers, taking much of the tedium out of running an online store. This leaves you more time to create new ringtones, market your business and encourage new sales.

By selling ringtones, you can expose an entirely new audience to your music while making money in the process. Jump-start your new career today with high-end ringtones and a great e-commerce platform to get your business off the ground.


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