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While the dedicated ereader device continues to grow in popularity among readers, so do mobile apps which allow smartphone and tablet users to read on the devices they carry every day. This has created a booming business for not only self-published authors, but also small, digital-only book publishers. An ebook download business can, when properly executed, be a very popular and lucrative venture for a committed entrepreneur. With the right tools and the right direction, you too can start an ebook download business which generates income and establishes your brand presence.

Breaking Into the Ebook Download Business

Primarily, the independent ebook download business is populated with two types of people: authors who want to retain full control over their creations without the interference of a publisher, and marketing-savvy independent publishing gurus who sell ebooks exclusively. Whether you’re an author who would prefer to avoid the wrangling which accompanies a traditional publishing contract or a marketing professional who’s ready to take the plunge and start your own ebook publishing business, you can sell digital downloads to book lovers who are eager for new material.

Sell Ebooks Successfully: Quality and Marketing are Key

The relative ease of self-publishing or selling ebooks written by contracted authors makes does make it less difficult to enter the market for new business owners, but it also can create a surplus of low-quality material. To sell ebooks successfully while earning reader loyalty, small and self-publishers should be very aware of the importance of content polishing, editing and proper formatting.

Because the ebook market can be a crowded place, it’s also imperative for those who sell ebooks to invest some time and energy into drafting a marketing plan. Even the best ebooks will sell poorly if readers aren’t aware of their existence. In addition to building a social media presence and exploring personal marketing options, sellers may also want to consider joining an affiliate network which helps them to reach audiences which may otherwise go untapped.

How to Sell Digital Downloads to Book Lovers

Healthy sales growth and increasing revenue depends upon a variety of factors, but the methods by which you sell your products will have a significant impact. You’ll need to integrate secure, trusted payment processing services into your business plan while also including an automated system for content delivery which assures instant file access when you sell each ebook download. While it’s entirely possible to build a sales website, integrate shopping cart software and secure a method of payment processing as separate tasks, it’s simpler, more effective and more efficient to work with a reputable ecommerce platform which includes these key factors under one digital roof, like This reduces the amount of start-up time for your new business venture, ensures seamless payment processing and content delivery while also granting you access to an affiliate network which can help you to grow your reader base.

Starting an ebook download business to sell digital downloads of great books doesn’t have to involve financial risk. With the right tools and a strong business plan, you can sell ebooks and establish a thriving online business.


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