Software Sale, No Content Creation Required

Software Marketing

Do you wish you had the skills to design and sell software online? What if there were a way to make your first software sale, and an unlimited number of subsequent sales in the future, with no developer skills required? By partnering with developers, you’re able to build a lucrative business with absolutely no experience in software creation. All you need is a basic understanding of your options, and a system designed to support your efforts.

Software Sale Solutions for Marketers

You have two primary software sale options if you’re not a content creator. First is to work directly with software designers who do not wish to handle their own marketing and distribution. You’ll need to acquire rights to the products you plan to sell, which may require a one-time purchase to hold distribution and publishing rights in perpetuity. In some cases, it’s better for all involved parties to draft a profit-sharing agreement which allows for a split of the profits between you and the designer.

If rights management seems too daunting for your fledgling venture, an affiliate system may be more to your liking. This system allows you to actively promote products using a special affiliate URL. Any sales originating from that link will be automatically split, with a small portion directed to you. Promoting a number of products can be quite lucrative, and allows you to start your journey with a low-risk, relatively simple system. You’re able to learn the ins and outs of software sale and marketing tactics before expanding into direct sales and rights management.

Finding a One-Size-Fits-All Software Sale Solution

What if you want to start out in affiliate sales to get your bearings before moving into a position of more control? Do you lose all of the branding and exposure you’ve worked to build as an affiliate? When you work with a high-quality eCommerce platform like, the answer is “no.” You’ll be able to start out with an eCommerce system’s built-in affiliate network. When you’re ready to expand operations so you can make your first direct software sale, the same system will help you every step of the way. From payment processing to file hosting, from automated content delivery to working with your own affiliates as a software merchant, you’ll have every tool you need to be successful. All you need is a free blog site, a social media profile and a dedicated online following. With these tools at your disposal, you can take the software sale and marketing business by storm!

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