Software Marketing Tips for New Online Merchants

Market An EBook

Do you have a software marketing plan in place to boost your visibility as an online business owner? Too often, new merchants choose not to focus on targeted marketing due to a number of misconceptions and misunderstandings. The single most reliable way to increase sales is to invest in your marketing and promotions budget. This doesn’t have to mean taking unnecessary risks, however. With some insight and understanding, you can choose marketing systems which work for you, and won’t require large, up-front expenditures which aren’t guaranteed to pay off in the long run.

Software Marketing On a Budget

Almost all software designers and independent merchants begin their careers with a small startup fund. The more money you spend to start your career, the longer it will take to reach profitability. You need a system which allows you to increase your reach, get the attention of buyers and build sales without sinking your business into the red.

Purchasing banner ads or even sponsored social media posts can be exorbitantly expensive, and they’re not guaranteed to drive sales. They are essentially a gamble for new business owners with limited capital. Should your ads fail to result in sales increases, you’ve spent money you can’t earn back and have little to show for your efforts. For most, software marketing systems built around affiliate networks are the best and most effective choice.

An affiliate network connects you with marketers around the world who already have a dedicated following or a penchant for sales. Each affiliate is given a specialized link, and a portion of the proceeds from any sales originating from those links is sent to the appropriate affiliate. This means you only pay for marketing when it works, and your partners only make money when they actively drive sales. You don’t have to invest up front, and you won’t watch your marketing budget dwindle with no new sales.

Comprehensive Sales Solutions – Software Marketing Included

Managing a new online sales venture can be a very real challenge for those with limited experience. Cohesive systems which include everything you need, like, can often be the key to success. In addition to providing affiliate network access for a software marketing plan, an eCommerce platform will provide a host of other key services designed to help your business to succeed. Secure payment processing through trusted names, like PayPal and Google Wallet, make collecting your profits quick, safe and easy. File hosting and automated content delivery eliminate the need to manually fulfill orders or monitor sales alerts.

Choosing a sales management system built with the needs of an independent merchant in mind can make all the difference in your success. Get started today, and start your software marketing blitz.

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