Software Marketing on a Tiny Budget

Software Sell

You have a great product, but do you know the key to successfully selling your software? Marketing! You can’t court buyers who don’t know your brand exists, so it’s vital to boost the signal. Unfortunately, prepaid ads and sponsored social media posts can be wildly expensive. Even worse, they’re also not at all guaranteed to work. When your budget is small and every penny counts, it’s crucial to take advantage of zero-risk tools and guaranteed systems. Since the most effective systems are often built in to comprehensive eCommerce platforms, it’s wise to gain a basic understanding of how these work and how you benefit from their use.

Quality Software Marketing and Built-In Sales Systems

As a digital merchant, you need more than just high-quality marketing. Software sales also comes with a number of practical requirements, from payment processing to file delivery.

First and foremost, you cannot turn a profit if you’re not able to collect payments effectively. Trusted and reliable payment processing systems like PayPal and Google Wallet are ideal choices, especially when they’re part of a streamlined system. Dedicated eCommerce platforms like seamlessly integrate the most popular payment processing systems while also providing secure file hosting and automated download delivery. High-end systems even include no-risk software marketing options which are perfect for new merchants with small budgets. Built-in affiliate networks can be a game-changer, and it pays to understand how they work.

Affiliate Software Marketing Systems

When you invest in prepaid marketing, you’re paying for the potential to make sales. Your target audience may click on your sponsored social media post, or they may just keep scrolling to non-sponsored content. Whether you make a sale or not, your marketing money is spent. When your budget is small and every expenditure matters, this can be a deal-breaker. Working with an affiliate network, especially one built in to a high-quality eCommerce platform, can make all the difference.

Essentially working on a commission basis, your affiliates are paid a small portion of the proceeds from only the sales they generate directly. This means that not only do your affiliates have a strong incentive to promote your brand, but also that you’re only paying for software marketing when it works. By taking the risk and the guesswork out of product promotion, an affiliate program helps you reach profitability sooner and with less risk. Don’t let your software brand languish because you can’t invest in a large marketing push; take advantage of quality tools already at your disposal with an eCommerce platform, and let your business venture flourish.

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