Software Marketing on a Budget

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Have you looked into prepaid marketing and sponsored social media posts to boost your brand’s signal, only to be disappointed at the high cost? When you pay in advance for banner ads, social network software marketing and other high-profile advertising methods, you’re essentially gambling by paying for the potential to increase traffic to your site. There are no guarantees, and you’ll spend the same amount of money on a lackluster campaign which drives only a few sales as you would on a wildly successful one. When you’re just starting your business and money is tight, it’s not so easy to justify this risky expense. You may not even have the capital to risk, but this doesn’t mean you’re left out in the cold. You don’t have to rely solely upon your organic reach within your existing extended network, either.

What Is Affiliate Software Marketing?

One of the most powerful and accessible alternatives to traditional prepaid advertising is affiliate marketing. As a merchant, you’re partnered with marketers who essentially work on commission. They promote your products to their existing following with a specialized link, and a small portion of the proceeds from sales which originate from that link are shared with them. This means you’ll only pay for marketing when it results in a sale, and your marketing partners have a built-in incentive to actively promote your brand. Because you’re not paying for any marketing up front, you’re never forced to risk precious capital on ineffective systems.

For software creators and merchants on a small or non-existent budget, this is an ideal solution. High-quality affiliate networks are built into better eCommerce platforms, giving you access to a treasure trove of powerful sales tools at low cost. Services like consolidate all the tools a new merchant needs into a cohesive tool set.

Combining Affiliate Marketing and eCommerce Tools

Marketing is a vital part of your business plan, but it’s still only one piece of the pie. In order to be successful, you’ll need access to a variety of tools and services. These include things like reliable payment processing through systems your customers trust, like PayPal and Google Wallet, secure file hosting to keep your software safe, and automated order fulfillment to ensure buyers have immediate access to the files they’ve purchased.

Strong eCommerce platforms also allow you to turn anything from a free blog site to a social media profile into a sales portal. You can easily integrate your full tool set into a DIY template site, as well. Your business is not only more streamlined and efficiently run, but also less expensive to maintain. Common sense automation frees up time you’d otherwise spend on tedious technical support and manual digital management, giving you the opportunity to focus on promotion and new product development. With software marketing you can trust and a full complement of valuable tools, you’ll be on the road to digital sales success sooner than you ever thought possible.


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