Software Marketing, No Design Knowledge Required

Software Marketing

Do you have an interest in launching your own independent brand, but lack the skills required to design and perfect your own software? Marketing might be just the answer you’re seeking. There are a few different paths to online sales success as a marketer, each of which can be greatly simplified through partnerships with the right service providers. Learn how you can get your new business venture off the ground in almost no time, even on a shoestring budget.

Software Marketing for Non-Creators

While it’s true that many digital merchants create and sell their own content, this isn’t always the case. Some creators give their products away for free because they don’t want to navigate the process of selling intangible goods online, and some partner with marketing pros to boost their own signal. As a marketer, you can work with creators in a number of ways to bring their products to the online market.

First, you can work to acquire the legal right to sell and distribute content made by another creator. This can mean an up-front, one-time payment which leaves you with these rights in perpetuity, or it can mean a percentage of each sale is redirected to the original creator. You’re also free to work out agreements with creators which are a combination of the two payment methods, since there’s no middle-man between you and the creator. The sky really is the limit when it comes to arranging fair compensation for all involved parties, as long as everyone is happy with the agreement and the original creator is amenable to the terms.

What if you’re not comfortable navigating the process of business agreements and contracts, though? If you have a sizable internet following and the willingness to promote products, an affiliate marketing program can be a great option. Rather than working to acquire distribution rights, you simply promote products using a dedicated affiliate URL. Choose the right company to manage affiliate systems, and you’ll automatically receive a portion of the proceeds from the sales you generate using that link. No contracts, no distribution and no need to manage eCommerce tools.

Bringing it All Together

Whether you’re ready to start your own webstore featuring the work of other content creators or you’re more interested in affiliate marketing, a dedicated eCommerce system like brings everything you need together under a single virtual roof. You’re able to simplify the process of managing a digital storefront or promoting as an affiliate, making it easier than ever to earn real money through software marketing.

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