Software Marketing 101: Eliminating Risk

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Is the idea of managing your independent software marketing holding you back from starting your own online business? If you’ve been giving your products away for free because the thought of running your own web-based business seems daunting, it’s time to start exploring your options. Getting started can be easier, less expensive and less of a gamble than you realize. The key to success is choosing the right tools and services for the job.

What You Need to Sell Software: Marketing and Sales Management Demystified

You can’t be sure that you’re not able to manage the needs of a digital business until you know what those needs are, and which options exist to help you meet them. For the vast majority of program designers, it’s easy to combine hosting and delivery for your software, marketing and payment processing under a single virtual umbrella. You just need a dedicated eCommerce platform which allows you to roll all of those needs into a comprehensive system. High-quality platforms, like, even include access to exactly the type of zero-risk, effective marketing you need as a new merchant working to establish your brand: affiliate marketing.

Software Marketing without the Gamble

When you spend money on prepaid ads, like banner ads or sponsored social media posts, you’re essentially gambling with your software marketing budget. You’re paying for the mere potential to increase traffic, but there are no guarantees your target audience won’t just keep scrolling past your expensive ad. When every penny counts, you need marketing systems you can trust; ones you only pay for when you know they’re going to be effective.

When you take advantage of an affiliate software marketing system built into your eCommerce platform, you’re connected with marketing professionals who work on a commission basis. They only get paid when they close a sale for you, and their payment is a small portion of the proceeds from each sale they generate. This means you’re never paying for the potential for a sale, you’re sharing a percentage of the profits from each affiliate-driven sale. You’re not paying out of pocket, or in advance. You’re able to cut costs from the day your business launches, which means you’ll reach profitability earlier and with less hassle. Since your affiliate software marketing system is part of a larger sales program, you’re also able to streamline your operation dramatically. With more time to focus on new products and customer service, you’re ideally positioned to turn your talent for software creation into a lucrative and rewarding online business.

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