Software Delivery Service

software delivery service

After spending long hours to create a brand-new piece of software and working out all the bugs, there’s only one thing left to do: sell it! While it might seem to be a case of “easier said than done,” selling your program through a dedicated delivery service is simpler than you might think. Getting your software on the market and available to the Internet’s vast audience is one of the easiest aspects of the entire sales process.


Why Use a Software Delivery Service?

No Small Business Loans – Just a couple of decades ago, starting your own business and selling goods that you created required a staggering up-front investment: commercial space, employees and, most of all, inventory. Small business ownership and an entrepreneurial spirit have become easier to cultivate in today’s technology-based world. Instead of shelling out your life savings or taking out a loan for start-up funds, you can sell a digital copy of the program you’ve created and use a delivery service to distribute it to your customers.

Instant Delivery – People used to order computer programs and games online and wait days for them to show up at the door. Today’s customers access files they’ve purchased immediately after their payment is processed.Customers’ expectations of instantaneous delivery are met with a software delivery service such as, which handles the distribution. Even if you’re on vacation or away from the home office, your clients will get what they’ve paid for within moments. There’s no waiting and no chance of goods being damaged in transit.

No Physical Inventory – Maintaining a physical inventory is time-consuming and expensive, not to mention dealing with the hassle and often-prohibitive cost of creating physical copies of the program you’ve authored. Taking advantage of the services offered by a dedicated online content distributor allows you to get your product into your clients’ possession immediately, with no concerns about replenishing a dwindling back stock or restocking bare shelves. Once hosted, your program can be downloaded an infinite number of times by customers from around the globe.

Going Green – Sending digital copies of your program with the help of a content distribution service is an earth-conscious choice. Because there’s no packaging to discard or discs that end up in landfills, no fuel expended in delivery and no energy wasted in the creation of a physical copy, you’re contributing to green efforts.


How Do I Sell My Program?

Taking every possible opportunity to promote your product, establish and increase your online presence, boost your reputation and network with others in your field are the most important aspects of successfully marketing any program you create. Make a website, maintain a blog and become a regular user of social media to raise visibility, all the while relying on a content software delivery service to handle the administrative end of content delivery while you promote your work.


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