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Are you ready to begin selling eBooks but you are not sure how to safely and securely deliver your books online? It is a common issue for those breaking into the digital download business. To sell your eBook online you must have a system in place that will be integrated with the sales process to automatically send your eBook in a digital download to your customers. Here is a simple way to get set up to sell and safely deliver eBook downloads.

eBook Download Business

Whether you are a writer and are selling your own books or you have bought the rights to other people’s books to sell, you need a secure system in place for delivery. You need a system that will be alerted automatically when one of your books is sold and send the digital download for the purchase to the customer. In addition, this delivery must be secure to ensure that your property is kept safe from theft. An encrypted delivery system is needed to prevent fraud and tampering.

Is it possible to create your own system? Absolutely, if you are tech minded. However, few business people or writers are also able to create a program of this caliber. There is also software programs you can buy, but these tend to be expensive and complicated to install for many people. The simplest solution is to use an eCommerce service that will handle your eBook download delivery and so much more.

Choosing an eCommerce Service

There are quite a few eCommerce services that offer download delivery as part of their service. But if you are going to pay a fee for the service, you want to ensure that you are getting a high quality service and other benefits. A top quality service like offers so much more than just eBook download delivery; they also offer:

  • Payment processing. Give your customers several payment options through secure systems like Paypal. This can increase your sales and put your customers at ease.
  • Digital store. Quality services like PayLoadz offer a digital storefront where you can sell your eBooks. You should also receive unlimited storage for your downloads.
  • Affiliate marketing. One of the best ways to increase online sales for digital products is through affiliate marketing. eCommerce services should offer a fast, easy way to find affiliates for your eBooks.
  • Integrated processing. You want a system that will work with all your marketing efforts. PayLoadz can be integrated with your website, social media and even eBay auctions, easily plugging into wherever you are selling your eBook downloads online.

If you want the easiest, securest way to get started in selling and delivering eBook downloads, enroll in an eCommerce service. It makes it simple to start earning money in this lucrative industry.

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